Amazon has the Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far collection for PlayStation 4 on sale today for just $29.97. This deal marks its lowest price ever, saving you $10 off its regular cost. This collection was nearly impossible to find earlier this year around the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, so if you couldn't snag it then, now you get to save 25% on it! Unfortunately, this collection has never been released to any console other than PS4.

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Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far

This PS4 collection includes six games, three cutscene collections, and all of the important moments that led up to the latest release, Kingdom Hearts 3.

$29.97 $39.99 $10 off

This collection comprises all of the main Kingdom Hearts games you'll want to have played before Kingdom Hearts 3 (if you plan on understanding anything that's going on). Though all of these games have already made their way to the PlayStation 4 separately in different collections, this is the first collection allowing you to grab them all at once. Purchasing them this way is a much more cost-effective method too, especially now that it's $10 off for the first time ever.

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The Kingdom Hearts series can be a confusing mess — take it from a fan — and the naming conventions of the games do not make it any easier. The Story So Far collection includes six games and three films made of cutscenes; the games include Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, Chain of Memories, Birth By Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, and 0.2 Birth By Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage, while the cutscene collections contain the stories of 358/2 Days, Re:coded, and χ back cover. Pro tip: just play them in order of release.

If you have yet to pick up Kingdom Hearts 3, Amazon has the game now on sale for $37.30!

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