The Huion 1060 Plus graphic drawing tablet with built-in 8GB microSD card is down to $59.99 with a 20% off on-page coupon on Amazon. The drawing tablet normally sells for around $83, but it is currently discounted to $75, which means the on-page coupon is bringing it down to a new low.

Draw something

Huion 1060 Plus graphic drawing tablet

Stir your creative energies. This drawing tablet works with all major software programs and does a fine job of it, too.

$59.99 $83 $23 off

The Huion has 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, which means you get smooth and accurate lines while using it. There are 12 physical keys on the left and 16 soft keys on the top which are all customizable. You can use those keys to tailor your experience and add efficiency to whatever you're working on. You'll also get a carrying case and a glove that reduces friction between your hand and the tablet surface.

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The drawing tablet is compatible with Windows 7 and up and Mac OS 10.11 and up. It also works with plenty of major software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, Zbrush, Gimp, and more. Users give it 4.2 stars based on 468 reviews.

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