Instead of wasting money accidentally watering your lawn on a rainy day, you could spend a bit to snag the Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller at Amazon. Right now it's down to $55.97 which saves you close to $20 off its average price. We have seen it go lower than this before, but the deals tend not to last long.

Sprinkle Some Savings

Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller

This 7-zone controller uses satellite-based weather data to water your lawn automatically, though you can also control it manually via an app on your phone.

$56 $75 $19 Off

The Blossom Smart Watering Controller connects to your Wi-Fi and utilizes current satellite-based weather data to set smarter watering times and help to prevent over-watering. This model can cover seven zones with the ability to support an eight zone via the connector for the Pump Start Relay. If you'd rather set watering schedules on your own, you can do so from anywhere in the world once you download the Blossom app to your smartphone or tablet. Via the app, you can also adjust the watering amount per zone, turn your sprinklers on and off manually, and more.

This product is even compatible with Amazon Alexa, meaning you can voice control it using a device like the Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker.

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