Amazon has the Ainope Dual USB Car Charger available for $6.49 after you apply code 4GEL2TX8, which nabs you over 50% off the normal price. Over 2,300 customer reviews left this with a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Sure Thing

Ainope Dual USB Car Charger

Charge two things on the go simultaneously with this super-inexpensive item, which comes in at over 50% off with code 4GEL2TX8.

$6.49 $13 $7 Off

A charger for your car's cigarette lighter socket is a must-have. This particular model is compact and sits flush with the outlet, so it'll blend right in without adding bulk. The two USB ports can charge two devices simultaneously at up to 2.4A each, and the aluminum body of the charger ensures that it'll look nice over time. There are built-in safeguards to protect against over-current, overcharging, and overheating, and for added peace of mind you'll get a one-year warranty.

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