Three UK launches new, lower PAYG rates

3 pence per minute, 2 pence per SMS, 1 pence per MB of data

UK mobile network Three has overhauled its Pay As You Go pricing, introducing new, lower rates for prepaid customers who don't sign up to one of its monthly "add-on" packages. From today, customers with PAYG credit who aren't using an add-on will pay 3 pence per minute for calls, 2 pence per SMS message and 1 pence per megabyte of data.

Three says the move is designed to make it easier for customers to only pay for what they use, as opposed to purchasing an add-on which expires after 30 days. It also means that one pool of PAYG credit can be more easily split between calls, texts and data.

It's not clear whether Three's 30-day add-ons, the most expensive of which includes unlimited data, will be sticking around — we've reached out to the operator to check. (Update: The answer's yes — Three informs us that it'll continue to offer PAYG add-ons.)

Regardless, the new rates certainly seem to put Three ahead in the competitive UK prepaid market. The new rates kick in from today, July 1, with all PAYG customers automatically being moved over to the updated pricing.

Source: Three; via: Crackberry

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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