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Three UK confirms it's now selling SIM unlocked phones

Three Store
Three Store (Image credit: Android Central)

Three UK has today confirmed something many of us have pretty much known for a while – it no longer sells SIM locked phones to its customers. Publicly Three has been pretty quiet on the matter, but many of us have bought branded phones and found it unlocked out of the box. Indeed, my own Three bought Samsung Galaxy S5 was just like this back in April.

"We want our customers to have the best mobile experience. Unlocked phones give consumers a choice as to how to use what is on their handset. We'd rather focus on making the services we offer attractive and useful rather than limiting what our customers can do with their phones.

Rival carriers will often charge a fee, and/or make you wait until a certain point in your contract cycle before you can unlock it your phone to use a different SIM. Three already offers a fantastic value proposition on its mobile plans, and this is another box ticked for potential customers to enjoy.

If you're an existing customer that has a phone that is SIM locked to Three, you can get it unlocked for free here. (opens in new tab)

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  • Awesome news! Wish US carriers would do the same. I hate carrier branded phones due to their crapware apps mainly.
  • They'll still be branded with Three stuff (my GS5 has a few apps on there) but they're at least removable
  • Removable works for me! I just hate having them there for wasted space. I mean its our devices to decide what we want on them. Thats why we only buy unlocked devices.
  • That reminds me, need to pull my GF's EE nano sim so I can test my Three M8.
  • Have my GPe Nexus 4 on 3, £6.90 a month for 5000 texts, 500mb data and 200 minutes. Coverage is great as well! Posted with my Nexus 4
  • You have a Google Play edition Nexus? Explain.
  • I think he means that it's running stock Rom and not a custom one
    Posted via Android Central App
  • ...? Posted via the 64 GB OnePlus One
  • Hahaha...quite...
  • I don't suppose you could share an invite with me for a OnePlus One? :D i'm member 56,154 and still waiting for an invite sigh
  • It's a good thing. Fall in line other networks. Posted via Android Central App
  • I like Three. I really hope their efforts to shake up the mobile industry are earning them customers.
  • Do 3 add their logo to their handsets? Posted via Android Central App
  • Not on the outside, no. You'll get a 3 branded boot up screen, but I can live with that. My GS5 is just plain old Samsung on the outside.
  • Cool to know, thanks for the reply. Posted via Android Central App
  • they have actually been advertising it in there ,reasons to choose 3, for a while now. one of the reasons i chose my G3 through them. heads up for those looking to tether on 3. if you get the all you can eat as part of a phone contract you get 2 gb of free tethering. if you get the sim only all you can eat on 30 day or 12 month it is unlimited tethering. if you do a lot of tethering its the best available. afaik at this time its the only network that offers unlimited tethering in the uk. and only on the sim only all you can eat.
  • Three is really good....the 4g is not bad to moved from nexus 5 to HTCm8
  • Seems like Three is a good carrier Posted via the 64 GB OnePlus One
  • The network that just keeps giving. I've been a Three customer for a very long time. Wouldn't change, they've been excellent Sent by my pink but not so fluffy Galaxy Note 3
  • I've always used Three. They offer a range of unlimited data tariffs on PAYG or SIM-only, none of them expensive. They seem to know what customers want, and give it to them. Recommended. Posted via Android Central App
  • Three have great deals but their lack of customer service has put me off for life. It's really not worth it when you look to cancel your contract and get passed through four different threatening and rude Asian men before you can do it. Would NOT reccommend.
  • Its not like that anymore at three they've really grown up as a company and overseas call centers give us unlimited data plans for peanuts. moved from nexus 5 to HTCm8