Three UK confirms it's now selling SIM unlocked phones

Three Store
Three Store (Image credit: Android Central)

Three UK has today confirmed something many of us have pretty much known for a while – it no longer sells SIM locked phones to its customers. Publicly Three has been pretty quiet on the matter, but many of us have bought branded phones and found it unlocked out of the box. Indeed, my own Three bought Samsung Galaxy S5 was just like this back in April.

"We want our customers to have the best mobile experience. Unlocked phones give consumers a choice as to how to use what is on their handset. We'd rather focus on making the services we offer attractive and useful rather than limiting what our customers can do with their phones.

Rival carriers will often charge a fee, and/or make you wait until a certain point in your contract cycle before you can unlock it your phone to use a different SIM. Three already offers a fantastic value proposition on its mobile plans, and this is another box ticked for potential customers to enjoy.

If you're an existing customer that has a phone that is SIM locked to Three, you can get it unlocked for free here.

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Richard Devine