Three people are suing Facebook for collecting call/text logs on Android

Shortly after the Facebook + Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, it was discovered that Facebook was also collecting call and text logs on people's Android phones and storing all of them. The social network did this legally using Android's permissions system, but even so, not everyone was pleased to learn about this.

Three users, in particular, were especially disgruntled, and as such, have decided to sue Facebook.

The lawsuit was filed at a federal court in California's Northern District, and at this time, Facebook has yet to comment on it.

I understand being upset about what Facebook did here, but I personally don't think these three users have any real chance at winning the suit. Is what Facebook did upsetting? Sure. However, just about all of us gave the company access to that data. Like Andrew said is his article explaining the issue —

But that's what this all comes back to in the end: you gave Facebook access to that information. Android's shaky and overly broad permissions settings gave Facebook a massive helping hand to accomplish this, but you installed the app and you pushed the button to allow the permissions as part of the installation.

Good luck, folks.

Facebook kept logs of calls and messages on Android phones, and followed the rules to do it

Joe Maring

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