Three HTC Android Phones Heading to Android this Year

The world's biggest market, China, has largely been ignored by Android. Partly due to China's unique (read: difficult) phone standards, there has been little movement in preparing an Android phone for launch. This is all about to change. The HTC Hero, HTC Click, & HTC Magic are all headed to the shores of the Orient--this year.

The HTC Hero and HTC Click will both be re-branded under the Dopod brand (apparently a common occurrence for HTC phones in China), with the Hero being available starting in August for ~$820 (5,600 Yuan) and the supposedly low-end Click being available in Q4 2009 for ~$500 (3,400 Yuan). The HTC Magic will be available via China Mobile.

The price is obviously ridiculous, but hey, China has always done things differently. We're excited to see if Android will pick up in China. What do you guys think?

[via engadget]

Casey Chan