LEGO is conjuring up a spookier Halloween than ever before with its new Hidden Side Augmented Reality Building Kits, and now you can score several of the sets at new low prices on Amazon! With prices now 20% off on select building kits, this is the perfect opportunity to bring a bit of All Hallow's Eve fun to your home every day of the year.

LEGO can never leave well-enough alone, which is why the company is constantly coming up with innovative ideas for its building kits, with one of the latest being the Hidden Side line. These sets blend LEGO's classic building blocks with an app on your smartphone which utilizes augmented reality technology to make it appear as if the set is coming to life. They've been released just in time for Halloween too, as Hidden Side sets focus on the "chilling, creative world of ghosts", with eight sets having been revealed so far.

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A Haunting Good Deal

LEGO Hidden Side App-enabled Augmented Reality Sets

LEGO Hidden Side AR Building Kits use an app on your smartphone to bring these spooky creations to life, and now you can score several of them at new low prices via Amazon!

Starting at $16

Each Hidden Side building set features a mystery, and once the set is built, you can start discovering clues and catching ghosts hidden within the set using the free Hidden Side AR app. Of course, you don't need the app to have as much fun with these LEGO sets as you can with any other, though the app helps add a bit of extra magic to each one.

At this time, six out of the eight Hidden Side LEGO sets are on sale at 20% off via Amazon, including:

The Newbury Haunted High School and Ghost Train Express kits are the two priciest Hidden Side sets available so far, and sadly they're the only two which haven't seen a discount yet. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed though.

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