The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro are here and these devices look to take over the throne as the best Android phones of the year. You'll find some pretty great cameras, along with some of the fastest charging speeds imaginable. But if you plan on keeping these phones for a while, you'll definitely want to grab a case for it. As it does with every new phone launch, OnePlus launched some new first-party OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro cases that you should definitely consider.

OnePlus 9 Pro Sandstone Bumper Case Render

Classic OnePlus: OnePlus Sandstone Bumper Case

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When you think of OnePlus devices, chances are you think about the sandstone material that was found on the OnePlus One. While the company has moved away from using this a material for the phone itself, OnePlus continues to release bumper cases with the Sandstone look and feel. Get that feeling of the OnePlus One with the latest OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro.

OnePlus 9 Pro Droid Case Render

Something Unique: OnePlus Droid Case for OnePlus 9 Pro

If you've been a longtime OnePlus fan, you may remember the droid from the OnePlus 5T commercials. Well, the company is bringing it back with the OnePlus 9 Pro with this unique OnePlus Droid Bumper case. The droid on the back is embossed in metal, but the case still has a lightweight and sleek design.

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OnePlus 9 Karbon Bumper Case Render

Added protection: OnePlus 9 Karbon Bumper Case

Outside of Sandstone, the most popular case options for the OnePlus fans may be the company's Karbon Bumper cases. It's back with the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, providing just a slightly raised edge around the display to help keep your screen free from scratches. And the kevlar design helps to improve the overall grip, removing concerns that your new OnePlus phone will slip from your hands.

Get your first-party OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro cases

While there are already a lot of great options when looking for the best OnePlus 9 cases, our favorite has to be the classic Sandstone Bumper case. This gives you a nostalgic feeling of the "flagship killer" days, before OnePlus opted to take on Samsung in both the specs and price categories. The texture of the Sandstone Bumper provides plenty of grip without adding too much bulk to the phone.

Speaking of nostalgia, if you were a big fan of the OnePlus 5T, then you'll love the new and unique OnePlus Droid Case for the OnePlus 9 Pro. This case features an embossed droid from the 5T commercials on the back, with the droid appearing to help hold up the large camera module on your 9 Pro. Unlike the Karbon and Sandstone cases, the Droid Case is only available for the OnePlus 9 Pro, so you'll be out of luck if you pick up the standard OnePlus 9.

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