Managing all of the cables, adapters, chargers, and other nonsense that finds its way into your home can be a pain. Organization will be much easier when you pick up 60 Velcro cable ties for just $12.89 today via Amazon. They usually cost around $20, and today's price comes within a few cents of the lowest we've seen. You'll get free shipping by spending at least $25 or using Amazon Prime.

Get It Together

Velcro 60-Pack Cable Ties

Manage your chargers, cables, and other cords with these color-coded ties. Today's price is a great one and the reviews are awesome too.

$12.89 $19.89 $7 off

These cable ties are perfect for tidying up charging cables, appliance cords, recording equipment, the chaos behind your TV, and more. You'll get multiple colors for easy color-coding as well. Unlike solutions like zip ties, these Velcro products are reusable, which makes them even more economical.

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