Oh, so that's why they were shutting down Android support

Burstly, the developers behind a beta testing framework called TestFlight, has been acquired by Apple under undisclosed terms. TestFlight isn't particularly well-known around Android circles, so it's no surprise that they announced the termination of their Android beta a few days ago.

Having used TestFlight a few times to preview iOS apps, I can say it's a great tool, but mostly it just highlights how silly wide-scale pre-launch app distribution can be on iOS compared to Android. On Android, you get an .APK and away you go. Sure, there are many developers who are sensitive to that installation file leaking out and getting subsequently pirated. Plus, when dealing with anything outside of Google Play, you need a mechanism for updating apps, since new builds will be coming fast and furious. In those cases, there are still several Android beta testing solutions available out there. It just happens that TestFlight was the most well-known one, even though it had made a name for itself primarily on iOS.

Developers, how do you beta test your application? Do you need a specific solution to do get through the process?

Source: TechCrunch