Temple Run updated with Twitter integration and numerous bug fixes

With 10 Million people having now downloaded Temple Run for Android it has given the folks at Imagni Studios something to work on for the past little while and now, they've rolled out the latest update to address some bugs and features in the game. As noted in the change log, the latest release includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with scoring that was making it harder to get points
  • Fixed a bug that made the runner accelerate too fast
  • Fixed a bunch of other bugs and some spelling mistakes

In addition to all those fixes, you'll find the latest update also has Twitter integration so that you may get your humble brag on when you get an epically high score in the game. If you happen to find any remaining bugs, by all means forward them on to Imagni Studios. In the meantime though, you'll find the Temple Run download link beyond the break if you've yet to give it a go.

  • I sure hope they've fixed the lag. It's such a let down when you're nearing a high score, have quick enough reflexes, and the screen not responding to your motions is the reason it doesn't happen.
  • With the new update, I now passed 1.2 million points. Very addicting game....
  • I've gir over 2
    million points .let's see how i do with the update :)
  • Ive been playing this for about a week and up until now my high was like 1.5m points, 7,000ish meters, and like 4,000 coins. The 2nd game after the update i nearly double my high score, 11,000m and like 7,000 coins. Whene ever i play a game and the times I get new high score its by competely smashing my old one by a wide margin, but I cant help but think the update made it easier. I was for sure I would never get the 10,000m mark or the 5,000 gold coins, it just didnt seem possible for me.
  • yeah it looks like they made it easier .on my first run i had a lil over a million .i usually dont get that much that quick .but its cool i guess im trying to make the 10 millon .lol
  • Well...I hate to report for EVO 4G owners like myself, Temple Run is still an unresponsive, laggy, virtually unplayable mess (not because of the game itself which is awesome but because of the original EVO's older, out-of-date hardware). The sound effects are still noticeably off-cue, the framerate is very choppy (and gets worse the more hectic and faster the game goes), and after about 1500m in-game, you really can't play it. I'm pretty darn good, if I may brag a little, at this game on my iPod touch. In fact, my highest score is in the 20,000,000 range. And there's nothing to "fix" this on older Android hardware either...well, other than buying a new phone. Ah well: at least I still get to play the game. Just not on my phone.
  • Working beautifully on my Evo 3D
  • I don't understand how this game is addicting? I played it a few times. There is no end? No new board?! Gets a little redundant after 5minutes or so.
  • I agreed 100% with you.
  • The addicting part is honing your reflexes. But yeah, it does get old. Especially since the unlocked characters don't do anything better than the one you start with. I would have to think that anybody who actually paid to unlock them must be pretty ticked off.
  • quite addicting, but wish they'd add more features/boosts. I have run 1.2M meters over 670 games in the few short weeks its been out.
  • I like the update. I could tell that it was easier to get higher scores on the iPad compared to the Android version.
    There also seemed to be a bug with jumping over the obstacles with the skulls across that they fixed.
  • Also wanted to add that with the success of Temple Run and Instagram, hopefully more developers will remove head from rectum and stop ignoring Android and the 50%+ market share that it brings.
  • After playing this on my ipod, the Android version on my DInc was disappointing due to the lag. Is this a problem with the app or is my Dinc not powerful enough to run this app?
  • Still doesn't work with a damn on my Razr running the leaked ICS build. Audio clicks occasionally, swipes don't work a lot of the time, etc.