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A lot of excited Temple Run fans may have thought the day had finally arrived this morning. Despite having previously confirmed that an announcement would be made via their Facebook page, probably the most convincing fake of all showed up today in the Market. 

The 'developers' were shown as being Imangi Studios, the actual developers of the iOS smash hit. All seemed well, until you actually installed the app. Reports were flooding in suggesting that no levels would be available for another four days. Of course the alarm bells should at this point start ringing and anyone who had downloaded this should uninstall immediately. Imangi -- the real Imangi -- took to Twitter to try and get the word out. Thankfully the malicious app has been removed from the Market. 

To try and calm down the fever pitch that anticipation has reached for Temple Run, Imangi have offered some further information on the release -- you guessed it, on their Facebook page. Everything is a scam, until they say otherwise. They have promised to deliver at least a weeks notice prior to launching in the Market, which rules February out of the equation. The message is clear though folks, you might be excited for the game, but there are some horrible people out there who will stop at nothing to take advantage of that. However, hit the source link below to head over to the official Temple Run Facebook page. After all, that's where everything will be revealed. 

Source: Imangi (Facebook)