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TELUS lists the HTC One X as 'coming soon'

Typically in Canada when a device launches, it launches across multiple carriers due to the fact all major players are now running GSM. In some instances though, there is an exclusive offer made for a period of time and such is the case with the HTC One X and Rogers. Rogers was the first carrier is Canada to launch the device but that exclusivity looks to be dropping off soon as TELUS has now posted the HTC One X under their "coming soon" category. No actual release dates or pricing have been outlined as of yet but surely pricing will be on par with that of Rogers and rumors suggest a release could happen as early as July 6th. We'll let you all know when we see it go live on the TELUS site.

Source: TELUS (opens in new tab) via: Mobile Syrup

  • Unfortunately, only the Big 3 carriers in Canada would get this phone because it doesn't support AWS. This means no support for it to go to new entrants which is a shame. Great hardware that is out of reach for those who are fed up with the business tactics of the Big 3 carriers.
  • omg if this comes to Bell I am so going to drop $600 to get it off contract