How much do you pay for your monthly phone plan? I bet it's twice as much as this deal. Tello Mobile has a limited time offering for new customers that provides unlimited data, talk, and text for just $39 a month. Not only is that price ridiculously low, but once you get it that's the price you will always pay as long as it stays active. Even long after the promotion has vanished. Very cool.

Love to Talk

Tello unlimited data, talk, and text plan limited edition new customers only

That's $39 a month... FOREVER. You will never pay more even after the promo ends.

$39 a month

Tello is a mobile company that uses the Sprint network. When you switch, you can sign up and join really quickly. You can either select one of the devices available through Tello or bring over your own phone. After that, you'll sign up for the plan. The $39 a month unlimited plan includes a mobile hotspot that lets you share your data with other devices. While the data is unlimited, it will be tethered to 2G speeds after you use 25GB in a month. It also includes unlimited international calling to Mexico, Canada, and China.

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