Here at Android Central, we're always looking to pass along great deals to our readers, and that includes saving you money on your wireless bill. We've written about the advantages of using a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) before, which piggyback on the Big Four carriers' networks and offer service at huge discounts to consumers.

Today, we're passing along a great deal for Tello, an alternative carrier that operates on Sprint's nationwide LTE network. Tello lets you completely customize your monthly plan to precisely fit your needs. Choose the talk, texts and data amounts that fit your lifestyle and only ever pay for what you use. Modular ftw!

Until the end of June, you can save 70% on your first month's bill by using the promo code 2HOT. The promotion is only available for new plans activated this week with a monthly value of $10 or more. Since Tello operates on the Sprint network, you have the option of bringing your own CDMA device developed for Sprint, or buy a new phone through Tello.

This deal ends on June 30, so be sure to sign up at Tello and use promo code 2HOT to save 70% off your first monthly bill.

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