Telenav 6.2 update now available free for T-Mobile subscribers

If you're using a Samsung Vibrant, LG Optimus T, Motorola Defy, Motorola Cliq XT, or a T-Mobile Comet, you can finally grab the version 6.2 update of Telenav from the Android Market.  We had a look at the new Telenav when it first rolled out a while back, and some of the new features are really nice.  One of the best features is the multiroute suggestions, which can give you up to three ways to get from point A to point B.  Other improvements include a new quick search bar and improved voice recognition.

While officially the Telenav update is only supposed to be available for the above listed devices, I'm seeing it in the Market for my Nexus One and Nexus S as well -- so if you're using a T-Mobile phone that's not on the list, give it a look anyway.  It's a great app that many users (myself included) swear by, and a nice perk from your carrier.  The download link is after the break.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • can it work offline without the need to prefetch data?
  • Its still 3 bucks a month for premium service. T-Mobile Nexus One. Plus its a big file, can't be moved to SD so couldn't keep it. Blows.
  • This app is bullshit*t. Pay for a mapping program with voice instructions? How is this company still in business? I know how, if you get a new T-mobile phone for your kid you will. It sets up on the phone and hits you with charges every month and you cannot remove it. If you do get the charges to stop and they deactivate the service now you get the best prize of all! A malfunctioning application! Trying to restart constantly using 30% of your battery over the course of a day. I know I could root my phone and remove the app but I don't want to do that! What if GM got a thought that hey we are selling the car, it comes with added features, take it or leave it. Then every tme you drive by a gas station, regardless if you need gas or not, an advertisement for that gas station starts up telling you to stop for gas. This added feature is one of the problems with my phone. I hate it and its getting worst. At leasing Sprint lets you remove apps from the Evolution 3D. Maybe T-Mobile should take a lesson and do the same for its customers.
  • Kinda comical that it's made available for the Vibrant ^^
  • I have this on my EVO and Epic. Sprint navigation (which was very good turn by turn) switched to this. Pam and I have taken trips where we had a Garmin, google navigation, and Telenav all open at once, and Telenav alsmot never gave the best route. The 3 choice idea is BS, useless. Several route and trips we took we already knew the best routes, drove them for years (and I'm talking just off the I95 corridor, not in the sticks), and still Telenav didnt "get it". We decided the Garmin was still the best with google a close 2nd. YMMV but I use the Garmin in my car, and google nav otherwise (awful voice but good directions). -oh yeah, its free
  • You can change the voice. I use SVOX classic with the grace voice. It's not free, but it works for many apps including nav and sounds much, much better.
  • I've never used garmin, but I do agree that google nav is better than telenav