The TCL MOVETIME Family Watch 2 aims to be your child's next smartwatch

TCL Movetime Family Watch 2 Lifestyle
TCL Movetime Family Watch 2 Lifestyle (Image credit: TCL)

What you need to know

  • The MOVETIME Family Watch 2 will feature a 2MP camera for taking photos, videos, and video chatting with family.
  • The connected smartwatch will offer real-time location tracking and geofencing so parents can have peace of mind knowing their child is safe.
  • With a €149 price tag, the MOVETIME Family Watch 2 will launch in Europe in mid-August 2021.

Tech for parents is getting another entry with the announcement of the TCL MOVETIME Family Watch 2 at MWC. This is the sequel to TCL's original MOVETIME Family Watch, and it comes with some very nice upgrades.

The TCL MOVETIME Family Watch 2 has a larger 1.5" display housed inside a more robust watch design. Also new this year is the inclusion of a 2MP camera so your child can take photos of things they find on their adventures and video chat with their parents or approved contacts. With 4GB of internal memory, there will be plenty of storage for all of the fun photos taken with the watch.

TCL Movetime Family Watch 2 Lifestyle

Source: TCL (Image credit: Source: TCL)

TCL has bumped up the connectivity specs for the new watch, going from 3G to 4G via a nano-SIM card — which will make those video chats come in clear. The TCL MOVETIME Family Watch 2 also offers real-time location tracking and a full log of the watch's location history. Another great feature of the new watch is geofencing for setting up designated areas so that you will get an alert should your child leave that area.

The MOVETIME Family Watch 2 is centered on the ideas of exploration and family connection. Using our expertise in mobile communications and display technology, we wanted to bring together the digital and real worlds in a way that would allow children to explore independently and safely. We've done this in a colorful, resilient design that's tailor-made for younger users.

Sharon Xiao, General Manager of Smart Connected Device at TCL Communication

Parents can see a report of app usage, steps, and distance walked through the parental companion app. The app will also allow parents to set reminders for their children to help them stay on task. In addition, there's IP65-water resistance, a hypo-allergenic watchband, and up to two days of use between charges.

TCLl Movetime Family Watch 2 Hero

Source: TCL (Image credit: Source: TCL)

This latest TCL device has its sights set on becoming one of the best smartwatches for kids, and a planned launch in mid-August 2021 for €149, we'll see if the TCL MOVETIME Family Watch 2 will be added to that list.

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