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Talk Mobile Security and Enterprise WeekThe best things you said

With everything that we do on our mobile devices, security is becoming more important than ever. Even more so when we mix professional business onto those same devices. How do you keep it secure? How do you balance work and personal on the same device? That was Talk Mobile Security and Enterprise week, so let's dive right in to it.

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Security and Enterprise Week Recap

Our mobile devices are more than just portals to the internet. They carry important information on our daily lives, our business, and, yes, they are portals to the internet - the internet that we've built with our histories and logins. Talk Mobile Security and Enterprise week was all about keeping these devices secure, getting work done on them, and making sure that work doesn't overwhelm the personal, and personal doesn't overwhelm the work.

When we conceived of Talk Mobile, our hope was that we could instigate a broader set of discussions about what these mobile devices really do and mean. And though we expected Security and Enterprise to be a dry week as far as the discussion was concerned, you all really stepped up and made the conversation happen. So we've picked out the best comments and highlighted them below.

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Talk Mobile 2013 Week Five: Mobile Security and Enterprise

Day 1: Lockdown: How secure is your smartphone?

Day 2: When mobile and enterprise collide

Day 3: The death of privacy: The internet is always watching, and it never forgets

Day 4: All work and no play makes my smartphone something something...

Day 5: The future of authentication: Biometrics, multi-factor, and co-dependency

Lockdown: How secure is your smartphone?

Considering that the hitman that has been after me for the past few years has been taken care of, I see nothing to worry about. It's used to better my smart-device experience and make life easier. That's all that matters. itmccb's thoughts on location data security

I use foursquare so clearly I'm not too concerned about it. I carefully choose what i broadcast. If I'm at jewellery shop buying something for the girlfriend I'm not gonna let the world know but if at a basketball game I will post that. It's about discretion. jayemmbee's thoughts on location data security

Day One Winning Comment!

Yes, of course I worry about it. And I do my part to secure myself as much as possbile. But when it comes to reality, there is no way you can ever escape the Big Brother effect. No matter how much you've locked yourself down, the people around you will never be as diligent.AccentAE86's thoughts on location data security

When mobile and enterprise collide

Almost the same way I use my desktop, only not as powerful. i have access to my email, skype and google hangouts, Group me, Evernote, my RSS Feed, and Google docs. Then again, when you're Freelance and work remotely, your methods and needs are much different than in corporate. BenRoethig's thoughts on mobile devices and work

BYOD is a four letter word in our municipal environment and as the MDM/BES10 Admin, I agree. Currently we have the infrastructure to allow BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 devices within our back-end to leverage various services, coupled with the added feature of BlackBerry Balance, there's no equal. martinjdub's thoughts on mobile devices and work

Day Two Winning Comment!

I use my mobile device for work constantly, and I love the level of access it gives me to everything I need, but I don't see it as a stand alone solution. My smartphone keeps me constantly connected to my clouds, which are synced from my desktop back at the office.just_luc's thoughts on mobile devices and work

The death of privacy: The internet is always watching, and it never forgets

You have zero privacy anyway... Get over it." - Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems, in 1999 SockRolid's thoughts on online privacy

Yes, I'm concerned about pervasive government internet surveillance, but the fact is that I can't do anything about it. They can see, hear, and monitor everything we do. I always suspected that they could, but now we know that they can. Dark_Blu's thoughts on online privacy

Day Three Winning Comment!

If your concerned about it, then get offline. Either way, just live life and keep clean...whats difficult here?Colby Lee's thoughts on online privacy

All work and no play makes my smartphone something something...

Short answer, I don't. Personal and work have really blurred together. BenRoethig's thoughts on balancing work and personal

Self regulation. A lot of self regulation. I work with insurance companies and their homeowners to deal with disasters that may occur (flood, fire etc), and due to the nature of the job, my hours are not necessarily fixed. I can have days where I'm home at 2pm or enjoying a round of golf with clients, and other days where I'm working til 8pm or later.BlackBerry Guy's thoughts on balancing work and personal

Day Four Winning Comment!

I'm fortunate in that for all intents and purposes, I'm my own boss. So I get to work when I want to work, and play when I want to play. That being said... My boss can sometimes be a real demanding ass.DenverRalphy's thoughts on balancing work and personal

The future of authentication: Biometrics, multi-factor, and co-dependency

After my Facebook and Google accounts were compromised, I started using two-factor authentication on my Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts. Yes, it's a minor annoyance when I'm logging into a program or on a different computer and my phone is in another room, but I like knowing that no matter where or when my account is trying to be accessed, the final verification has to come from me. FlashFlare11's thoughts on multi-factor authentication

Nope! I still don't feel it necessary, but that may be because I've never been "hacked". I change passwords every so often and try not to use simple passwords. kyleheney's thoughts on multi-factor authentication

Day Five Winning Comment!

No - I don't keep anything too personal on my cell phone. If you want to go through my google drive and facebook, by all means, dig away, I guess.mstrblueskys's thoughts on multi-factor authentication

Conclusion and what's next!

Security is becoming more and more important with each passing month. Hardly a week goes by where we don't hear about another compromised database or lost device bearing sensitive information. With more and more of our data on our mobile devices and online, being vigilant with our security measures is simply a necessary step. To not be so is to court disaster.

Mobile has also taken enterprise by storm. It's no longer a world of just BlackBerry smartphones for the executives and road warriors - no, everybody can do mobile business now. The IT infrastructure has evolved to support a wider ranger of devices from a veritable cornucopia of sources, including the employee's own pocket. Of course, having work on your own personal smartphone can have its own pitfalls, not the least of which is that you're bringing work home with you in your pocket.

With week five wrapped up, it's time to move on to week six, where the discussion is going to center on the cloud. What is "the cloud"? What are we supposed to use it for and how? Are there dark sides under the silver lining? And will you need an umbrella? There are clouds on the horizon, and now is the time to talk about them.

As always, now it's your turn. We want to know what you thought Talk Mobile Security and Enterprise week? Tell us what you loved, what you hated, what you want to see more of, less of, and changed. Whatever you want - we're listening, because the floor is yours.

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