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Talk Mobile Connected WeekThe best things you said

Having a smartphone isn't enough anymore. Our mobile devices exist in a whole ecosystem of accessories, from connected speakers to fitness monitors to thermostats, refrigerators, and cars. We've gone from standalone devices that queried the internet to cloud-connected mobile hubs that coordinate all of the devices in our lives. The smartphone has domain over everything, and now it's time for you to sound off on that!


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But first things first, it's time for our ninth Talk Mobile survey, this time focused around the connected devices we've spent last week discussing. We're collecting this quantifiable data because that's the sort of stuff that gets nerds like us revving, and it helps us delve deeper into what it is that makes you tick. And because we love you, we want you to be rewarded for taking the survey: completing the survey enters you for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy gift card. It's an incentive, sure, but it's also $100 dollars you didn't have before.

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Because we're the type that loves gadgets, we were really looking forward to connected week. Smartphones and tablets are awesome, don't get us wrong, but there are things they just can't do. They can't be strapped to our wrists to track our movement every day (well, technically they could be, but that wouldn't be a great experience), but they can connect to a fitness monitor you're wearing. They can connect to our cars, our kitchens, and our speakers and televisions. The reach of the smartphone is greater than ever.

As always, your feedback on Talk Mobile is very important to us and will help is to define not just what we do for Talk Mobile, but for the rest of Mobile Nations at large. Even though there's just one week of Talk Mobile to go, we still want to hear what you think. There's a comments section down at the bottom of this page for you to let us know what's great, what's not, and whatever else is on your mind.

From the beginning Talk Mobile was supposed to be about elevating the quality of the conversation - moving beyond techs and specs to what really matters. A big part of that was you, the reader and the commenter, and you've not disappointed in rising to the occasion. The conversations we've read in the comments have been nothing short of amazing.

We've picked out the best comments from the past week and have them presented below. If yours has been picked as a winning comment, keep an eye on your email, because we have some awesome prizes to send your way!

Talk Mobile 2013 Week Nine: Connected

Day 1: The mobile home theater, radio DJ, and TV station

Day 2: Get moving, get healthy, get quantified

Day 3: Lights, oven, locks: Controlling your home from your phone

Day 4: Smartphones in the car: entertaining, powerful, and distracting

Day 5: The self-driving, artificially intelligent, infinitely connected future

The mobile home theater, radio DJ, and TV station

TOTALLY. Long gone are the days of going to a video store or even buying physical media for movies and TV shows. Now it's (mostly) all at the push of a button, provided you have a decent connection.SpookDroid's thoughts on how much streaming media has changed television

My device is my infinite music device. Cloud streaming and YouTube paired with a stereo with aux input means I can get all my jams easily in any room. When my old tablet had HDMI I used it for Netflix but its since been replaced with an HTPC since it never worked too well.Armada's thoughts on mobile and home entertainment

Day One Winning Comment!

Without a doubt it would have to be not being charged data to stream radio. Right now deciding whether to play MP3's, listen to FM or Satellite radio, or Pandora comes down to where I'm at on my data allotment.kingjames924's thoughts on paying for internet radio

Get moving, get healthy, get quantified

By tracking my calories on my BlackBerry I was able to lose 50 pounds so it definitely worked for me. One thing to keep in mind is you still need to use your head and make sure you are eating the right things not just low calories. A combination is what you need for success, but tracking definitely keeps you honest.bizzyqu's thoughts on nutrition tracking

It does...if you're constant. Living on a fast-paced world, your tracking begins to show gaps and eventually, you just stop tracking.SpookDroid's thoughts on nutrition tracking

Day Two Winning Comment!

I don't! If anything I use it more to order pizzas and Chinese food!! But I do have to get up and go to the door to get it...does that count as fitness?aloomis76's thoughts on using technology to improve fitness

Lights, oven, locks: Controlling your home from your phone

Absolutely not. I simply don't think smartphones are secure enough to entrust my home to them. Additionally, I see it as another layer of security I'm freely giving away. Besides, I have no problem with the time-tested and proven security of a physical key, especially in consideration of the varying levels of reliability today's electronics offer.int_architect's thoughts on securing your home with your smartphone

Sure. As long as I had a lock and key as a back up and could completely disable the smartphone unlocking if necessary.BBNewB5's thoughts on securing your home with your smartphone

Day Three Winning Comment!

My toaster, so it can run webOS.Armada's thoughts on where displays are needed in the house

Smartphones in the car: entertaining, powerful, and distracting

For the longest time, I had a Garmin GPS device for navigation. When I got my first Android 3 years ago (Nexus One at the time), I started using Google Maps/Navigation. I ditched the Garmin soon after and use my phone whenever I need directions. If I get a new car down the line, I can't justify adding built-in navigation when my phone will do a better job at it.Jacques's thoughts on in-car navigation

I like the phrase, "Shut up and drive." I think it really cuts through the BS and drives the point home.silverfang77's thoughts on distractions while driving

Day Four Winning Comment!

I'm a bit of a hypocrite. As someone who rides a motorcycle and has evaded a lot of near misses on the roads and highways, I despise people who use their phone while driving. So therefore when I'm driving a car, my phone is completely off limits. The hypocrisy though, is that I wear and use a BlueTooth helmet and will occasionally accept calls when I'm on the bike. Go figger.DenverRalphy's thoughts on managing smartphones in the car

The self-driving, artificially intelligent, infinitely connected future

I trust a car to drive itself a lot more than some of the morons I see behind the wheel.Peter Cohen's thoughts on self-driving cars

Answers mostly, but a lot of prediction. If I do something often enough my digital PA should get a clue.BenRoethig thoughts on what's wanted from a virtual assistant

Day Four Winning Comment!

What would a smartwatch ideally do for me? I could yell into it, and a black Trans Am would show up flying through the air with Turbo Boost while shooting lasers everywhere. Until a smartwatch can do that for me, I'm not interested.AccentAE86's thoughts on the ideal smartwatch


Mobile devices have evolved from isolated handhelds to controls and conduits for every other device in our lives. They play music in our homes, get us to where we need to be, help us around the home and at work, and enable and push us to be more fit and healthy. They've changed how we live.

Constant movement tracking on our smartphones gives us more quantifiable data about our fitness than was ever before possible. From basic pedometer-style tracking to monitoring our sleep, our smartphones are enabling new forms data collection and allowing us to fine tune our fitness, our nutrition, and our sleep.

Smartphones also have a place in our cars, though it's a potentially dangerous one. We have to balance our need to stay connected with keeping our eyes on the road. Even then, our smartphones are still useful, from playing music to giving navigation directions, there's always a use for them - so long as your hands stay on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

The future of our lives with smartphones and mobile devices is going to evolve rapidly. We're going to have devices that are smarter than ever, predicting our every need before we even think about needing it. Our cars will drive themselves and more and more of our house will be covered in interactive displays. This is the future of connectivity.

That's it for connected week. Next week is the final week of Talk Mobile 2013, and we'll be focusing on the mobile you. From what devices are best for what kind of person to what it takes to achieve internet fame, the next week will be the culmination of all things Talk Mobile, and as always, it's going to be awesome.

Now it's your turn. We want to know: what did you think of Talk Mobile Connected Week? Tell us what you loved, what you hated, what you want to see more of, less of, and changed. Whatever you want - we're listening, because the floor is yours.

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