Taking Android back to school -- apps every student should have

It's that time of year again, when young men and women everywhere are packing their things, filling out student loan forms, and heading off to the hallowed halls of higher learning.  While those of us who are shipping off their kids can enjoy the lower utility bills and the freedom to wander naked to the kitchen for a midnight snack, for the students this time of year sure can be stressful.  Maybe we can't help you get the schedule you want, or tell you how to cope with that certain professor who let's you know "nobody gets an A in my class," but we can suggest an application or two that you might find useful.

Go get your microwave from student services, get your password from IT, and follow after the break to see Android Central's staff application picks for back to school!

Dallin Hampton -- Blackboard Mobile Learn

Blackboard Mobile

If your school has enabled it, Blackboard Mobile Learn gives you access to all sorts of course content, right from your Android phone.  Things like grades, the courses blog, discussion boards, and announcements from the professor all conveniently bundled into one application.  Best of all, it's free.  

[AppBrain | Market link]

Adam Sawyer -- Class Buddy - School Edition

Class Buddy

Class Buddy is an all-in-one organizer application that helps you manage semesters, terms, courses, and classes, as well as keeping track of attendance and GPA.  The application is easy to navigate once you take the time to set up your courses and schedule, and the cumulative GPA calculator can help you during exams by showing you at a glance where to focus during those late night study jam sessions.  Class Buddy is free from the market. 

[AppBrain | Market link

Ross Lovelace -- RealCalc


RealCalc is a full-featured scientific calculator for your Android phone, that looks and operates just like the real thing.  Offering copy/paste functions, percentage calculations, result history, RPN mode and more; RealCalc beats the stock Android calculator by a mile.  Add in a full help system and you have an excellent application, at the excellent price of free.  Grab it below.

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Kyle Gibb -- CampusBooks


CampusBooks is a simple app for searching prices of school textbooks. You simply enter in the ISBN of the book, or scan the barcode for specific searches.  Once you have entered a book title, you can easily see details, check prices on the web, or even sell the book.  CampusBooks ties in with the CampusBooks.com website for added functionality.  CampusBooks is free on the Android Market, download links are below.

[AppBrain | Market link

Sean Brunett -- Better Alarm Clock

Better Alarm Clock

Need to wake up for that 8 a.m. class? (Sucker!) Look no further than Better Alarm Clock, which is an excellent app that allows you to make customizable alarm schedules so you won't miss any schoolwork! It has numerous options, including personalized schedules, music alarms, color notifications and more. It has definitely improved my life by ensuring I'm never later again.  It has a free and paid versions, so give it a go and if you like it, consider supporting the developer!

[AppBrain | Market link]

Ali Fazel -- CIDR Calculator

CIDR Calculator

For any students starting or going back to school and thinking of studying networking, this is a must-have. Your teacher probably won't let you use this at all in class (and definitely not for tests), but it's good for your own studying on your own time. Subnetting was always one of the most difficult things for me to get a grasp on throughout my networking courses (and I still don't have it down to second nature), so any tools to help you with it in your early stages of learning are wonderful. This is the one I use at work, and it hasn't let me down yet. Best of all, it's free! 

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Jerry Hildenbrand -- DroidLaw


DroidLaw is the legal reference application for Android.  It provides all the Federal rules of civil procedure, evidence, criminal procedure, and appellate court procedure.  Also included is an RSS reader, pre-populated with relevant legal feeds.  Also available are add-ons for the Texas Penal Code, Florida State Statutes, and US Supreme Court cases. Download this one if you're an aspiring law student, or in case you get caught with something you shouldn't have in your dorm room by your R.A. -- it could come in handy!  Free from the Market, add-ons vary from $2.99 to $3.99

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