Android Auto is a big deal. It's a big deal because we've never really had a way — until the past year or so, anyway — to really use our phones in our cars beyond just basic Bluetooth streaming, or sticking a phone in a holder. There's a better way. And that way is Android Auto.

More and more cars are coming out of the factory compatible with Android Auto. The gist is that Android Auto actually runs on your phone. You plug your phone into your car. And then you enjoy some of the best Android apps available, and do so in a safe manner.

In this Facebook Live video, we take you on a tour of what you can expect to find in the current iteration of Android Auto. While we've been running Android Auto in our vehicles for many months now, we're doing this demonstration on the Desktop Head Unit, which is available for anyone with a computer to use. It's a great (albeit somewhat techy) way to try Android Auto beforehand, if you're considering a new car, or an aftermarket unit for an existing car.