Nerf guns are a great way of releasing some tension, both at home and in the office — if your office manager is cool with it, of course — and this Cyber Monday the company is offering some pretty great discounts on some of its more popular guns.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to the type of Nerf gun you want to use. I like the manually-cocked ones as they tend to be a lot more powerful and have a far greater range. For maximum carnage, though, you'll want to grab one of the motorized ones that can fire your ammo as rapidly as possible. There is even a mini-gun version on this sale. It can sit on your work desk and let you defend your position with ease.

Stay on target!

Nerf products

Load up the arsenal

With 50% off a heap of Nerf guns and some Marvel toys, you can stock up on weaponry before the big office battle royale at Christmas.

Not only is Nerf offering up to 50% on its toys, but the deal also extends to some pretty sweet Marvel products too.

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The beautiful Legends series Infinity Gauntlet is just $50 on this deal and would look good on any nerd's shelf. And we've already rounded up the amazing selection of Fortnite Nerf guns, which are sure to be a big hit with the tweens out there.

Of course, if you have young kids, the Marvel action figures are a great deal just before Christmas as well. It's worth having look through the whole deal, not just the Nerf stuff to see if there is a bargain to grab.

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