If the smartwatch is supposedly a dying product, someone forgot to tell TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver. In an interview with Swiss paper Neue Zürcher Zeitung (brought to our attention from TechCrunch), Biver shares his positive outlook on the future for smartwatches and says the Swiss timepiece manufacturer plans to release a follow up to the $1,500 TAG Connected, announcing they hope to release the new smartwatch in May.

Biver's confidence in smartwatches comes mainly from his company's success with its first attempt at creating a high-end smartwatch. He states that TAG Heuer saw strong sales for the pricy wrist piece, selling 56,000 units over the past 14 months — well exceeding the company's initial goal of 20,000 units. But he also cited optimism from a Reuters interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, in which Cook boasted about the Apple Watch's strong holiday sale numbers. Biver says he still considers smartwatch technology to be in "the Stone Age" (if we're to trust Google Translate), with plenty of future potential just waiting to be tapped.

The timing for a new high-end smartwatch couldn't be better, with Google set to release Android Wear 2.0 in early February alongside a pair of new watches they've been developing in partnership with LG.

While Biver made no direct reference to Android Wear 2.0, he did outline some specs to expect from the new TAG Connected, including better GPS (accurate to within one meter), longer battery life, and a more powerful display. TAG Heuer also plans to leverage it's strengths as a traditional watchmaker by offering more sizes and colors to accommodate the variety of styles and wrist sizes found in the different markets it services.