Google's latest beta may have spilled its Pixel Tablet 2 codenames

Google Pixel Tablet in vertical mode
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What you need to know

  • Hidden in the code of Google's latest Android 14 beta are two codenames: "Clementine" and "Kiyomi," which may reference the Pixel Tablet 2.
  • Google has had a history of using citrus fruits as codenames for its tablet, but the existence of two puts the possibility of a "Pro" back in our minds.
  • Google launched the Pixel Tablet shortly after I/O 2023, and it'll be interesting to see if it finally brings accessories for its device in 2024.

We've come to expect yearly Google releases, and some information about its next Android tablet may have been discovered.

In an APK deep dive by 9to5Google, several codenames were found concerning future Pixel phones but also (assumedly) the Pixel Tablet 2. Within Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1's code, the publication found the names "Clementine" and "Kiyomi," which are speculated to refer to the new Android tablet.

No information in the latest beta's code, points toward these names being the Pixel Tablet 2. However, there's a history to turn to.

Before the Pixel Tablet launched, the device featured two codenames: "tangor" and "tangorpro." 9to5 reiterates the device's charging speaker dock once had two names: "Korlan" and "Yuzu." These names follow a citrus fruit pattern, which has continued with Clementine and Kiyomi.

It's also worth noting Google only ever released one version despite having two names for its tablet and dock. It remains to be seen how Google tackles its next iteration and if one of these names is truly a "Pro" model, as we missed out on one last year.

Hub Mode on Pixel Tablet

(Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

Without concrete evidence pointing toward the next tablet, it may be wise to take these discoveries with a grain of salt.

Since the original device's release in 2023, there haven't been many rumors for a supposed Pixel Tablet 2. One expectation is for Google to pack the Tensor G3 chip into the tablet, providing it with an on-device machine learning like the Pixel 8 series. Android Central hopes that the Pixel Tablet 2 will get an upgrade in the display.

The tablet currently uses an LCD panel, but an OLED screen would provide a notable leap in the user's experience for gaming and watching videos. Also, accessories wouldn't hurt, as we've yet to receive a Google-made keyboard or stylus. Allowing the tablet's included speaker dock to function on its own would also help boost the attractiveness of the device.

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