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T-Mobile's G2 spotted in the wild

The HTC G2, which was officially announced by T-Mobile a few days ago, has been spotted in the wild. The follow-up to the G1 will be very similar to the soon-to-be released HTC Desire Z (aka the Vision), which was advertised on a mobile site yesterday. 

The phone is likely going to be a 3.7-inch QWERTY device with a 1GHz processor. No word yet on which version of Android it will come with. 

Also, T-Mobile has been hammering the fact that it will be the first HSPA+ phone, which is an exciting and enticing feature. Be sure to let us know if you see any more floating around out there. [Engadget]

  • **Wonders what Special Services this will come with being HSPA+ and all** But as far as that "Droid-Like" build goes... I'm really over 3.7in screens even though its a "sweet_spot" for alot of people... but to me the Droid screen seems sooooo small... I need atleast 4inches... then again After having an EVO I may not be in the majority
  • Oh...Wow!!! A rehashed keyboard that doesn't still suck! Another reason why HTC will always be just that little bit better than Motorola. It's all in the details.
  • Droid x here. Will wait for nexus 2. Probably the first android phone for vzw lte. One can hope. G2 looks good though
  • Google already said there not making a nexus 2...idk why i keep seeing comments about people waiting for a nexus 2, its not happening
  • It looks like the Nexus One with an optical trackpad and a physical keyboard -- I like it!
  • crap.....since there's no Nexus Two, i may have to get this!!!! HTC makes amazing keyboards even though i honestly dont like keyboards, but the G1's keyboard was the best keyboard i have ever seen!! crap!! i dont wanna move from my Nexus One to an official carrier phone but idk now!!
  • This would be HTC's first Android Slider other than the G1. You may want to wait... I'm sure they have alot of other Versions in the pipeline
  • yup.....after posting my comment i came to the conclusion that i will not be getting this phone! i will wait it out in hopes of (maybe just maybe) another official Google phone! :( maybe they lied about no Nexus Two?!?!!?!?!?!? i can only hope.....
  • The myTouch Slide is made by HTC. It's a slider too.
  • Yea but its Tmobile branded... Tough reality that Tmobile's idea of "HIGH-END" doesn't jibe with the rest of the Networks...
  • Great looking device. Looks allot like my Nexus One with a keyboard. The Nexus One IMO is the best built, looking device made. I'm hoping this device comes thru with killer specs. I would not mind seeing a FFC and a good camera with flash. The Nexus One has a descent camera with flash. Maybe this device will have it all. Hope so. Thank You T-Mobile.
    My area is so close to going HSPA+. I am thrillled with my Nexus One but a real geek is always hoping for better. It will have to really push the envelope to beat my Nexus One, If you own one you know what I mean.
  • What is with these new 3 row keyboards? I like having a dedicated number row. at least the keyboard doesnt look, im hoping, as bad as the myTouch Slide
  • I like the 4.3 it is the sweet spot for me but I'm a man and I have big hands. I let my friend see my phone and at 1st glance he said that it was too big. Then he used it and put it in his pocket and said it was cool. But he want a physical keyboard so I showed him the epic and he is going to get the epic.
  • crap man i was really looking to upgrade in september from the mytouch 3g but it looks like i may wait till november. I mean the phone looks great keyboard is so so but id never use it any way. i was reallly hoping this would be a 1.2Ghz phone but its not 800 bumped up to 1. thats rather disapointing. looks like it might be a few more months for me.
  • Doesn't it look like the mystery keys are shortcuts for the softkeys found at the bottom of both the stock Android UI and Sense? Each button has one dot that is bigger than the others. For instance; 3rd dot on button on the right is bigger, 2nd dot on the middle button is bigger, and harder to see but 1st dot on the button on the left looks bigger.
  • Only for those wanting physical keyboards, otherwise the original desire is a better choice
  • Nice!