T-Mobile USA to sell Nexus 4 in all stores in January

If you're in the U.S. and weren't able to bag a Nexus 4 through the Google Play Store -- and let's face it, many of us weren't -- then your other option was to pick one up from T-Mobile. But not all T-Mobile stores were offering the handset, and the carrier's online store quickly sold out of stock.

So in 2013, it seems T-Mobile will address these availability concerns by offering the Nexus 4 from all of its retail locations. A leaked internal screen obtained by TmoNews indicates that all T-Mo retail stores will sell the LG-made Nexus in January. As TmoNews points out, the carrier could only support such an expansion with a hefty influx of new inventory, which could bring hope of the device becoming more attainable in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime, there's still no hint of the Nexus 4 becoming available through Google Play anytime soon. The device was back-ordered by several weeks in December, and remains sold out at present.

Source: TmoNews

Alex Dobie
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  • now say they will unlock LTE
  • The LTE that T-Mobile doesn't support? ...what a tired meme
  • correct
  • I'm glad we agree that "Nexus 4 doesn't have LTE" is a tired meme.
  • it has the radio though..
  • It doesn't have the radio for all the bands, and there's the whole legal/licensing issue anyway.
  • SMH...It has the LTE radio and the radio supports T-Mobile's upcoming LTE bands. T-Mobile LTE is supposed to launch this year. http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2012/11/nexus-4s-lte-chip-actually-works-...
  • *whine whine whine*
    If you want LTE, you don't want a Nexus. Period. Get over it.
  • +9000
  • Thank you! I could give a rats ass about LTE and love my 20 to 29 down that I get on my Note 2. LTE is way over rated and I'm sure the Nexus 4 will match the speeds I'm getting.
  • No reason to let facts interfere with what you would like to believe.
    The fact is the current Nexus 4 cannot be used as an LTE device because it has not passed FCC testing. it would have to be re-released after testing in a new version.
    The other fact is T-Mobile is joining all the other carriers in going to LTW, which is far superior, and is deprecating everything else.
    Also T-Mobile coverage sucks.
  • Maybe this version will be the black back nexus version being hyped on all the forums. Seems stupid to remove the twilight back. But this Google so who knows
  • As I read your comment I can literally see this headline to the right "Those 'glitterless' Nexus 4 stories are bullshit".
  • Haha that's perfect lol
  • Lolololololol
  • I'm supposed to be getting mine tomorrow. The UPS tracking number shows that the phone hasn't moved from its spot in Maumee, OH since the 29th. It's bad enough Google can't supply the phone but now UPS is playing hard to get :S
  • Nah. I'll just wait and get the unsubsidized model and the $30 a month prepaid plan :)
  • +9000 I just switched to this plan and it's great. I hope T-Mobile never gets rid of it.
  • So does that mean they are going to sell it at $299 off contract like they are thought the play store or is it going to be like $500?
  • The website lists it as $499 for the 16gb off-contract. My guess is that their corporate stores will be similarly priced. http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/Phones/cell-phone-detail.aspx?cell-phone=Ne...
  • No, it's $500 through T-Mobile. I know, I got mine through them. I tried purchasing in store at the end of November and was told they had them in stock over the phone. I was at the store ten minutes later and was told they were sold out. At the store I called minutes earlier. I was a bit peeved. They then searched every store locally while I stood there making sure they bothered to check and all local supplies were sold out. I then called myself all the local stores and received conflicting responses. From "T-Mobile DOES NOT sell the Nexus 4 AT ALL" to "we're sold out" to "The only Nexus like device we have is the Samsung Galaxy S III". The young lady at the store though was quite helpful and apologetic for the problem. She placed an order for me online and guaranteed delivery by December 7th. Well, that came and went, at which point I followed up on my order. Not only did T-Mobile cancel my order (at the $250 price, which I was getting since I was new customer and with a new line) but they didn't bother to tell me about it until I called to ask where my phone was and then said I wouldn't get my refund for a month on what I paid up front. This time I was pissed. I hung up on the rep. I called back, spoke to a different rep who said the other rep was wrong and I'd have my money within a day and she'd make sure that a phone was held for me in my local store. (I also did a post on Google+, where I was immediately contacted by T-Mobile regarding the various issues and man that was fixed within an hour, behold the power of bitching publicly about a company online). Showed up the next day at my store and got it then and there. With a surprise. Because they cancelled my order without telling me and because it was a new week and whatnot, they'd already gotten rid of subsidizing the price of phones. Meaning I paid $250 up front and received a sales slip showing I still owed $250 for the phone (which they'd nicely [rolls eyes] let me pay in payments). On the plus side, due to all the shenanigans on their part they let me have unlimited everything for $45 a month ($50 and change after taxes and all that). (I say this because my original monthly quote for unlimited everything was in the neighborhood of $70+.)
  • Customer service reps at wireless stores, even the so called technical ones are worthless.
    I went into a t-mobile store just to try out the phone, I was hoping they had one on display.
    The guy told me he wasn't sure what store would have them, but that I should check AT&T and Sprint. I didn't even respond, just thought (clusless mofo) and left.
  • I'm of the opinion customer service reps in most stores are worthless. I work in IT and whenever I have to make an in store purchase for something (at like say Best Buy) I am always annoyed and rolling my eyes at how clueless the reps are. I've literally waited til they walked off and then gone over to personally help people and make sure they didn't get screwed or bought something they didn't need. Heck, I've been in store shopping with friends and family and had people walk over asking if I worked at the store since I was so knowledgeable (as I tend to explain things to my fam and friends as we shop, usually in response to their queries). I take offense when that happens. Locally, T-Mobile has the best service of all the carriers and their reps are usually helpful and (mostly) knowledgeable. It's just some that are clueless as you put it and as I found out when making calls to check on the Nexus 4.
  • Wow. That's weird. The reps at the T-Mobile stores near me are (somewhat) more knowledgeable. I went to the store closest to me about a month ago and asked the guy if they had the Nexus 4 on display/in stock. He said no, but he told me I could try a Samsung store since it was made by Samsung. Internal facepalm. Once I explained to him it was made by LG, he said he actually did know of a store that had it in stock and on display. He called the store to confirm, and after I confirmed with him that he wasn't actually thinking of the Galaxy Nexus, I went to the other store. The customer service rep at the other store (which, to my delight, did have the N4 in stock and on display) was much more helpful. In fact, when I asked how many N4s he had left in stock (in a rather vague manner), he thought I was talking about stock Android. It surprised me that he actually knew what stock Android was! I ended up not buying the phone from them because I thought it was worth the $150 savings to wait until it was restocked at the Google Play Store. And look where that went.
  • Its one thing that the rep didn't know about the availability of the phone but told you to go to a competitor. Unbelievable.
  • Well at least u got that but u seriously should've gotten the subsidized price or threaten to go elsewhere. They have a phone number for that shit. I guess you'll make it back in the savings but still.. it's the principle.
  • Yeah, I'll agree with you on that. It's the principle. I was quoted a set price and paid said price in advance expecting T-Mobile would do their part (getting said phone to me on time). The fact that my order was cancelled without notification is not my fault, nor should I have been slighted for it. And to make matters worse, the reason it was cancelled in the first place I found out (while making said calls to the reps) was because the local supply/stock of Nexus 4's had been replenished. So because it was NOW available locally they cancelled my order. Which is beyond ridiculous, more so that they didn't bother to tell me about it. As for threatening to go elsewhere... meh. It's a pointless threat. Locally T-Mobile's service is amazing (as I've found out in the time I've had my phone/service with them). Way better than Sprint or AT&T. Only Verizon has equal or better service, but at a significantly higher cost. Also, I'm with Sprint. As in still have a contract with them, but I'll be buying out of it in the next month. The Nexus 4 with T-Mobile at $250 was just too good to pass up (and a relative was going to pay for it, since if I got a phone/line they'd be allowed an early upgrade to a Galaxy S III which they'd been wanting). Although, if I can avoid paying that extra $250 it would go to covering the ETF on my Sprint contract. Definitely going to have to look into that now that you brought it up.
  • Just got mine yesterday from Google Play Store, ordered in November.
  • Jesus that fucking sucks. My girlfriend ordered one towards the end of november and it came 4 days later. I then took it from her and bought her a Nexus 10 to trade, because I knew there weren't gonna be too many more Nexus 4's for a lil while. But I didn't think it would be that bad!!
  • 2013 will be a big year for Tmobile.
  • You said the same thing last year of T-Mobile. You said the same thing of Sprint a year and a half ago. And you said the same thing of Verizon for the first few months you owned the "piss poor" Galaxy Nexus. When will you ever be right?
  • Jesus, man, lighten up.
  • @squiddy20 can't help his dopey self he is a frustrated sprint customer with a crappy Galaxy Nexus 3g phone. Sprint and it's crappy cdma network is just as useless as Verizon and it's crappy cdma network. The funny part is I purchase new 2 devices every year on any carrier i please while he trolls around every Site responding to all my posts with the same shitty device year after year. This BOZO had the Samsung Moment for years before he finally borrowed some cash from his mommie to get the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Meanwhile i have had the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, and will have the Galaxy Note 3 when that comes out. @squiddy20 is nothing more than an Internet joke and a pitiful loser. I laugh at him every day he's such rectum.
  • So, we're supposed to think you're the "big man on campus" just because you've had a few *carrier subsidized* smartphones? Haha okay. Whatever you say Richard. You keep thinking you're "rolling with the big dogs" spending your money on these little trinkets that add absolutely no real value or enrichment to your life. Smartphones are commonplace. They're everywhere. There's thousands of other people who have the exact same phone you do, and they certainly aren't carrying on like they or their phone are the "greatest thing since sliced bread". And it's sad that you do.
    Meanwhile, I'll be spending my money on gas for a car, insurance, things that keep me healthy and active, camping gear (as one of my many hobbies), and a myriad of other things that actually make my life better. Good luck getting that from a "pimp slapping" phone.
    Don't forget, Richard, you owned that "legendary" Evo 3D that you stated would be "Sprint's flagship device well into 2012", but then was pulled from shelves only 2 months into the year. And that Galaxy S2 Skyrocket? You yourself admitted to "owning" it for less than 3 weeks, well within AT&T's (then) 30 day return policy. What a joke.
  • You shouldn't get worked up over an opinion (I need to take my own advice lmao)
  • When will you ever purchase a worth wild device. The current 3g Galaxy Nexus you have on PISS POOR SPRINT matches it owner fully a total loser. You are a crappy sprint customer tmobile shits all over sprint all day long jerk strip.
  • Hahaha squiddy20! You got told!
  • 1. It's spelled "worth while". Anyone with even a 5th grade reading/comprehension level would know this.
    2. It's sad that you stoop to the level of name calling and insults that 7 year olds make when you're around 50 years old. Act your age or shut up.
    3. Last I checked, Sprint was ahead of T-Mobile in terms of both coverage and wireless subscribers. Sure you might have a speedy network, but that means nothing when you can't get service 20 miles out from most major cities. And contrary to your belief, the world is indeed much bigger than your tiny little slice of Lower Manhattan.
    4. Unlike yourself, I don't feel the need boast about whatever devices I've ever owned, and I don't need "the latest and greatest" simply because it's there. These are smartphones. Everyone has them. Despite what you may think, they are not status symbols. Not to mention, why would I want to waste my money on a new phone, even once a year, for only *marginally* better specs? Besides all the gimmicky crap Samsung has thrown in Touchwiz, my "crappy ass" Galaxy Nexus can do everything your Note 2 can. It's hilarious that you feel the need to bolster your self worth and self confidence with these little devices.
  • +9000 The refarm of 1900mhz to Hspa+ and the rollout of LTE should be pretty sweet. I'm hoping that all of the carriers improve.
  • I finally got the One X MERCDROID. The refarm in my area is true.
  • Smh.. I'll just wait for the Nexus 5..
  • +1
  • While the rest of us use, and enjoy our Nexus 4's now! On another note, I'm curious what accessories they'll be carrying over there. I'd love to see the charging dock in stock somewhere.
  • Whoa. Hold up. There's going to be a charging dock for the Nexus 4?
  • Isn't there already a wireless charger compatible with the Nexus 4?
  • Yeah, there's a few wireless chargers out that are already compatible for the Nexus 4. I was just reading about one the other day. Specifically this one: http://www.makezens.com/products/zens-wireless-single-charger/ I know if you look around you can find it for about $40 online. If you want one that will charge multiple devices (by the same company) it'll run you about $75 or so. But I think we, or at least I, were/was talking about one kind of like the one that's coming out for the Nexus 7. A straight up dock you dock your phone into and can use (like with the daydream feature) while it charges.
  • And I assume when the N5 comes out you'll say that you'll just wait for the N6?
  • Haha I'm in a similar situation: I really wanted the Note 2 and/or the Nexus 4; however, I'm getting excited thinking about the S4, Note 3, and X Phone. Choices...
  • I think im going to crack and get it from tmobile for 250, tired of waiting, with my corporate discount of 23% it's a steal
  • 23% off of $500 is not $250.
  • It is if you're drugged lmao
  • Will they sell the bumper cases took? Please