HTC One and Galaxy S4

We've been waiting on U.S. pricing for both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4, and T-Mobile today became the first operator to do so. T-Mo also confirmed it'll be a launch partner for the Galaxy S4, with a launch slated for May 1.

Both the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 will cost $99 -- as a sort of down payment -- when they're available, T-Mobile said today at an event in New York City, where it announced that those two flagship phones -- along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -- will be among its first LTE-capable devices. The Galaxy S4 is to be available May 1; the HTC One drops sometime in April.

That pricing comes on a 24-month payment plan, which can be canceled at any time, provided the cost of the phone is paid off.

We took a look at the Galaxy S4 alongside the HTC One recently. Both phones have their merits, and they've both very different when it comes to design. HTC has opted for an all-metal construction, while Samsung's Galaxy S4 is very much like the previous iteration, with molded plastic making up the bulk of the phone.

You'll be able to use the HTC One or Galaxy S4 in any area that has T-Mobile coverage. But as of this writing, only seven cities have T-Mobile's new 4G LTE data.