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T-Mobile offers more free tracks via Google music store to customers until the end of the year

Just in case you thought today's Google Music news couldn't get any better, T-Mobile has announced that they have partnered with Google and will be offering additional free tracks to their subscribers from now until the end of this year.  Customers using a T-Mobile handset, like the Samsung Galaxy S II, can go to the T-Mobile free tracks section and download (and share via Google+) new tracks every week.  This starts today with tracks from Drake and Maroon 5.  You'll need the new updated Android Market on your phone or tablet, and of course have an active T-Mobile line.  For the full details, follow the link below.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • What about rooted users?
  • What about rooted users? Google movies restricted rooted users because, you rented a movie, you are buying music here, and it is allowed to be downloaded and kept.
  • Well I have a T-Mobile Sensation, but it doesn't show up for me because I'm running CM7. Ah well.
  • Don't think thats the reason. I get market updates when I'm rooted normally.
  • Nice extra perk for TMo users... Oh well, it's probably not a whole lot.
  • Only the clean versions Tmobile?! I should be able to get the free explicit track also! Not cool.
  • OK, it gave me the option to get both the free explicit and clean song of another artist... just not the artist I originally looked at. Hmmm. I wonder why.
  • How do you find the T-Mobile Music? I've checked Android Market on my SGS II and don't see a music section there but if I search on "music" I find songs but not the T-Mobile free ones.
  • I found the solve on my own. I went to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications then located Market and clicked on it then clicked the [Clear Data] button. Opening Market again after that asks me to accept the terms and I get a new Market with Music there! Pretty cool!
  • tried it... didn't work for me. even rebooted phone
  • Weird... I tried and didn't work. Rebooted too. What version does it say your Market is? I'm assuming they're rolling out the market update slowly so maybe we haven't all got it? I wanna see how it works from the Market interface! FWIW on a G2 running CM7.
  • Mine is now 3.3.11. You can do like I did and grab the newest apk from an article on here (forgot which one it was) and download it to your phone. I restarted my phone yesterday and the market automatically updated and I had the new GMusic including the free Tmobile songs. Stock MT4G.
  • Bummer! Got excited for nothing.
  • I opened my Android Market and it doesn't give me an option for music, only Apps, Books, and Movies and I'm using version 3.3.11. Can somebody help me?
  • same here, NO MUSIC... just apps, books, movies. WTH
  • Boo!!! Went to internet market and found music but when I chose to go back to app to download it the music was there with a big THIS CONTENT NOT AVAILABLE sign on every song availabe, free or not.
  • Running stock Android 2.3.3 on the G2x and finding the same thing most everyone else is... no new Market; no music and no T-Mobile free music downloads. I have a feeling that they jumped the gun on this one and made it sound like it was ready for prime time. Not the case obviously.
  • LOL who uses the word 'tracks' anymore to refer to music. old school
  • Running stock HTC Sensation OS. I have Market 2.3.6 and therefore can't see any of this stuff. Um, tmobile, I need an update!!
  • I've got market 3.3.11 on both my T-Mo Nexus One(rooted running CM7) and on my OG Galaxy Tab(Sprint version, but Wifi only) and I'm not seeing music at all. I've tried clearing the data for the market app on both, but the music section is not showing up.
  • I got the music portion of the market added last night, but I still don't have a button for Tmobile Free Tracks. I chatted in and was told that they are slowly rolling that out. Does anyone have it yet?