T-Mobile myTouch 3G Commercial Features Celebrities, Emphasizes Personality

T-Mobile will soon be launching a huge ad campaign for the myTouch 3G, one they claim to be "the largest product launch advertising campaign in T-Mobile history". Stars such as Whoopi Goldberg, Phil Jackson (Lakers Head Coach), and Jessie James will be featured in the ads that stress the unique customizable nature of the myTouch 3G.

You can see the first commercial up above and it's got a fairly catchy thing going on. We don't know how successful the whole "personalize your phone" is going to be but at least they're letting folks around the country realize a new T-Mobile phone with Google is available!

What do you guys think of the ad?

[via techcrunch]

Casey Chan
  • Love it.
  • I'm glad that someone knew who the guy was with Jesse James and Whoopi, I had no clue! Now who is the last celebrity with Chevy Chase and Dana Carvey?
  • Darrel Hammond
  • He's the captain from Captain and Tenille, 70's/80's pop duo
  • Sorry don't know him, can you give me a hint?
  • strange who knows who. As a basketball fan I knew Whoopi and Phil but had to Google JJ
  • who sang the song that is playing in the commercial
  • Cat Stevens wrote and sang "If you want to sing out, sing out."
  • i'm gonna say that it is vic chesnutt singing in the commercial, unless there is somebody out there with his exact same sound. brilliant singer and songwriter from athens, georgia. check out the band "brute" for more of vic's work. it is vic chesnutt backed by widespread panic. i'm listening to the track "cobalt blue" by brute right now as a matter of fact...enjoy.
  • just kidding...its cat singing...just seeing if i could get a nibble on the vic chessnut thing 'cause me and some friends were discussing how it sounds just like vic in that commercial.
  • When Vic Chestnut played The Point in Atlanta for about the hundredth time, he kept asking for someone in the crowd to bring him a joint, I think someone did and he rolled backstage
  • like to see more high end phone from t-mobile more then celebrity but their celebrity are not that high-end either
  • Nice commercial catchy tune not creepy like the Plam pre commercials.
  • btw spelt is not a word, it is spelled.
  • btw spelt is not a word, it is spelled.
  • Glad they are promoting it on a huge scale, maybe for some it doesnt win against the iphone or palm pre, but it does compete, i have one and its awesome, like it way more than my ipod touch that i had as far as non calling features are concerned. Like the commercial, feel though that personalization shouldnt be as key in their promoting, but oh well, and its sweet to see jesse james!!! hes awesome. (btw its spelt Jesse)
  • This is what we need: advertising the Google Android platform. Excellent commercial. I hope there are many more to come :)
  • Yeah it is a good commercial.
  • Why are all of the negative comments about the commercial deleted? Why ask peoples opinion if you don't care to keep it posted? If you don't want controversy then don't put a controversial person on your commercial!
    In my opinion T mobile should be boycotted by all of the brave soldiers!I am a military spouse and I will be sure to let every soldier I know to not accept your service! Delete my comment again if you feel it necessary, but if you don't want negative comments then don't ask for any!
  • I agree that all comments should be posted (unless really profane). I think the commercial is kind of lame. Most of the time I like Whoopi, but what's the deal with her pictured as a vampire "Whoopula". STUPID! Also, I had to look up to find out who the hell the old Frankenstein giant with his huge square body was and found out he is the Lakers Head Coach. I HATE basketball, so no wonder I didn't know. BUT why show a video flying over a river instead of something to do with basketball when he had the phone in his hand? The third guy looked familiar, but didn't know for sure who he was. It turns out that he is a Chopper guy. Again, why there is nothing to do with motorcycles on the screen when he has the phone, but instead a stupid photo of him and some other guy making faces at each other, I will never know. Lame, Lame, Lame. Oh and bottom line: T-Mobile SUCKS. I sold cell phones for 6 years for a couple of different carriers and T-Mobile and Sprint are the worst ever.
  • Ok, so this ad is totally confusing to most people. For one thing, you never actually get to see the interface of the phone in the ad, also the stuff they are doing is at best a 'mock' of the user experience, and some things are actually not even possible right now (the swiping to change pictures). To me, T-Mobile did a disservice to the android community by dumbing down the ads, and playing down the Google experience. and what's with the aging former A-list, and B-list celebs?
    where's Spike Jonez, or Kevin Spacey? srsyl T-Mobile, get with the program. people want to see the phone being used productively, not celebs showing pictures of their dogs, or some wacky caricature. lamez. Now the Motorola Droid Ad! that's a good ad! terrac
  • Calm down everyone, it is just a commercial. I did not recognize several of the people in the commercials either, but I went online to check it out, that is how I found this page. I am a military Mom, and I think the commercails are entertaining.
  • except for whoopi, i had no idea who the other people were!
  • I know Whoopie and Phil but who is the third person? Cal Ripken Jr??? Run some names below...Help
  • Dude Jesse James
  • I thought the second person was Tom Selleck
  • who is singing the song
  • Cat Stevens sings the song.
  • No that is certainly Cat Stevens (now a Muslim and boycotted; he was the guy they wouldn't allow to travel on a plane )
  • Def not David Cousins,have seen the Strawbs several times. It's Cat Stevens
  • I think its dave cousins singing that song. he sings for a band called strawbs ,they have been around since the 70's and it sounds just like him
  • Jesse James is married to Sandra Bullock also...the lucky bastid....:)
  • Jesse James, is certainly not a lucky bastrd... he worked his ass off to get where he is, which also happened to get him into a position to meet Sandra. No luck about that, just hard ass work, the guy rocks because he busts ass, not to mention he's a smart as hell businessman too!
  • who is Jessie James?
  • Jesse James is from "Monster Garage" on the Discovery channel.
  • Jesse is also married to Sandra Bulock
  • Nice having Uslaf Islam who promoted the death Salmon Rusdie sing your theme song.....Thanks T-Mobile I don't feel so bad about not paying you your early termination fee.
  • Are you kidding me using Cat Stevens? Song itself is fine, but I would NEVER buy anything with which he is associated.
  • I grew up listening to Cat Stevens since the early 70s when my parents played his LP vinyl records. He sings about PEACE and stuff. Anyone insinuating that he is a terrorist just because he converted to Islam is just a profiling racist.
  • If you think Cat Stevens promoted killing Salman Rushdie, you need to go back and look at the facts.
  • The singer was asked for a 'yes' or 'no' answer as to whether or not the threat on Salman Rushdie was justified. He talked for several minutes, rambling, but would never directly answer the question. So to paraphrase his own song, "If you want to say it's wrong, say it's wrong." Don't answer the question with twenty minutes of double-talk.
  • Right on Rixter-- perfectly said!
  • He isn't associating himself.....enough years have passed that I'm sure his music is now public domain.......most ad companies don't want to pay the artists, so they use music that is public domain.
  • Not public domain. He has to be dead, and dead 50 years for it to be public domain, as long as his estate never extends the copyright.
  • Who is the guy with Jesse James
  • Oh please. Cat Stevens is probably one of the most harmless people on the face of the earth, and one of the most productive and engaged also. If it is him singing, my thought is -- why would he associate himself with T-Mobile?
  • So sad that YOU think changing religious views is being "lost". Maybe if you had an open mind and heart, you would know that the basic tenets of all religions are about doing good towards others, and that in return, such good shall be done unto you. Call it basic human decency toward one another or the laws of karma, it's all the same.
  • Cat Steven's was such an amazing talent. Like the song a lot. Sad that Cat lost himself in another religion and life that deprives the world of his unique musical talent. I am surprised he's OK with using his song for a commercial for a cell phone.
  • That's Phil Jackson, the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, and formerly of the Chicago Bulls. Jackson has won more NBA titles (ten total) than any other coach in history.
  • Who is the tall guy next to Whoopi?
  • Cat Stevens probably does'nt own the song.
  • T-Mobiles use of Cat Stevens is abhorrent and treasonous.
    A little background:
    In the late 1970's, Cat Stevens became a Muslim, changed his name to Yusuf Islam. He was denied entry into the U.S. due to possible ties to terrorists.
    He then advocated the murder of author Salman Rushdie, for writing a book! Interviews with him still available on YouTube.
    So, with T-Mobile now using his song, why would anybody use T-Mobile?
  • Right on my friend, the rest of you can go eat freedom fries with W.
  • Abhorrent and treasonous. Wow big words...do you even know their meaning because Cat Stevens (Yusuf) has been given several awards for his work in promoting peace in the world including the Man For Peace Award. I think you should do a little more research before you make yourself look like an ignorant jack ass.
  • I am sure that osama has won some awards also.
  • But you don't actually know. And you didn't bother to research. You just decided to smear you negative, bigoted comments here without bothering to look up anything. By the way, the majority of earth's citizens who have declared a religion, not to mention cell phone users, are not christians. Are you going to make unresearched, bigoted comments about them too?
  • I like the video, looks like a cool phone. Too bad T-Mobile sucks.
    Oh nice song too!
  • I absolutely LOVE this commercial! The tune is catchy, the people are awesome, and at least, by the time the commercial is finished, you know what it was about, unlike most commercials these days. It's a simple but good message, with a memerable tune.
  • Yusuf Islam is dirt:
    So Gorbachev gave him an award for giving money to terrorists in Bosnia and Kosovo.
    http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/293 Man of Peace my ass.
  • I thought it was great!!
  • How sad. 1 "C" lister, and 2 "D" listers. Noone I know knew who the "other 2" were. We all figured, "they must be someone famous". Maybe in their own little ponds.
  • the song is good....and i've had t-mobile since after 9/11. I had verizon and during 9/11 after survivng/escaping the attacks in the wtc...i used my cell phone to call parents and friends for 2 days. I lent it out to people on the street during the collapse of the towners and racked up an enormous bill. i was over my minutes big time. V wouldnt cut me any slack with the bill. so I switched.
  • catchy tune
    commercial effective in the sense it got my attention
    but lacking in many ways
    doesn't really show off functionality the phone at all. all i see are still pictures.
    compare to iphone commercials where they actually show what you can do with the phone
    this felt a little like going into a cell phone store to check out the phone only to find empty plastic shells witha static picture on the faux screen
  • I'm angry that they'd use Whoopi. She feels that Roman Polanski's abuse of a 13 year old girl wasn't "rape-rape" (Whoopi's words). Boy, that set women back a few decades. I am boycotting anything associated with Whoopi now. Shame on her. Shame on T-Mobile.
  • What's the name of the song?
  • Who is the guy on the phone with Jesse James.
  • The theme song is By Cat Stevens..IF you want to sing out...It's available on Rhapsody.
  • BOYCOTT T-MOBILE.. if they are profiting off a Muslim pro-terrorist then shame on them.
  • Who is the woman in the new commericial with Chevy Chase?
  • has anyone received the answer to what app molly shannon is using in the ad the green monster mouth
  • What Apps. are in the mytouch commercial with Chevy chase?
  • Yusef Islam (otherwise known as Cat Stevens when he wrote the song, which was first featured prominently in the awesome 1970s cult classic "Harold & Maude") must be feeling really conflicted for licensing his song to a major Western corporation for, I'm guessing, really big money. I'm guessing there isn;t much money in songs for Allah. Still, that's a nice touch-screen phone ala the Iphone if you can afford it even if you're a current T-Mobile subscriber trying to figure out how to pay the rent in this economy. All in all tho, I like their other commercials with the shadow-puppet bunnies (song lifted from the film "The Jerk") and the sea life marching down the street. The big octopus arms hanging out someone's house windows and the floating jellyfish were really neat. sb
  • I cannot believe T-Mobile is using a Cat Stevens song in their latest ad campaign. Yusuf Islam, as he is now known, has ties to Muslim terrorists (including financially supporting the families of terrorists) and called for the death of author Salman Rushdie. I suppose T-Mobile execs thought that American consumers would be too stupid to notice. Sorry to disappoint! I am planning to change cell phone providers once my current contract expires. I WILL DEFINITELY NOT CONSIDER T-MOBILE BASED ON THIS AD CAMPAIGN and will encourage my friends and family to boycott them as well.
  • This is the only commercial airing currently that consistently gets my attention. I was aware of the celebrities, but didn't know who they were and didn't care. The calm, light, happy feeling of the commercial comes through and that's what is important. I really like it.
  • I agree, I always feel happy after I see that commercial.
  • I like the commerical, love the song and own the phone. People need to chill out and worry about real things. It's ALL good!!
  • please!!!! who is the tall guy next to Whoopi?
  • Wow.. are.you.guys.serious... its.just.a.songg
    Relaxx.. I'm.pretty.sure.t-mobile.had.no.intent.of
    Any.terrorist.action... you.damn.people.. always.find.some
    Fucking.Ignorant.Masses You.should.be.killed.by.the.Boat.load
  • Its innane, kitsch, and preposterous. I cant believe Im posting.
  • In the Whoopi commercial. the celebrities are Phil Jackson, Whoopi and Jesse James. In the Chevy Chase commercial the celebrities are Chevy Chase, Molly Shannon, Dana Carvey.....but thr fourth guy... who is he? My GF thinks its Ryan Oneal
  • His name is Darrell Hammond, he's an impressionist -- credited as being the best in SNL history. He is no longer on the show as repitory player, but often makes apperances as some of his most famous impressions like Sean Connery, (especially on the celebrity jeopardy sketches where Will Farrell is Alex Trebeck and Trebeck & Connery hate one another) Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, and John McCain. He also mocked Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in the movie Epic Movie a few years ago.
  • Thank you for knowing his name. Jeopardy could be one of the best SNL skits. That reunion last month was key. Everyone was there.
  • I'm sorry guys but I think its just truly lame and misguided. I'm honest when I say I felt a little repulsed by the lukewarm tone. Why bother getting SNL people, and "extreme stunts" people like Jesse James and put them in such a milquetoast commercial? These people are recognized and appreciated by younger people, who like risky humor. However, the blah, affable tone of the commercial seems to want to be safe for housewives and older people. They are not going to recognize those faces, so to me this is misguided. Its kinda like getting an exciting, fast car and then putting a speed limit of 35mph. What's the point?
  • The title says its a commercial that emphasizes personality but there are no expressions of it onscreen
  • who is the guy on the phone with Jesse James sticking his tounge out at the end of the commercial
  • All of you suck who has a whole blog about cat stevens and more than that t mobile
  • All of you suck who has a whole blog about cat stevens and more than that t mobile
  • Does anybody know the name of the app Molly Shannon had in the commerical???
  • I'm so glad I found this page. I can't stand this commercial! The song is so, so annoying to hear over and over on what seems like every TV channel there is. Not only was the original annoying, but now there are several clone commericals with the same horrid song! It really bugs me. I told my friend I would write a complaint about how much discomfort this commercial causes me, and I did!
  • T- Mobile is paying Cat Stevens (terrorist supporter) and banned from entering the US. Does this make sense? IS T-Mobile supporting terrorist too? How can this happen? Buy Verizon instead, or anyone but T-Mobile.
  • What a creepy song that is. I hate it. And for the above poster asking why did Jesse James be a part of it? Duh!! the MONEY$! I'll never buy T-Mobile because of these sellebutards. (and the stupid song)
  • The name of the Molly Shannon application is called FaceIT. Its 99¢ and I haven't used it yet. Just found it.
  • The phone cover that Jesse James was holding in the commercial is of the gladiator bike that I built and sold later on to a man down south.....Very nice bike! Thanks for using my work
  • we're losing track here, who is the lovely strawberry blonde little emo girl? She is smoking!
  • Avril Lavigne? She is trash. Nice try, though. I see they are trying, though...I get the first commercial with the SNL exes, but the second I saw was with some troll-looking thing, Lakers coach "X" and some other dude...but, I have no idea who the other two other than trashy/annoying Avril and her stupid "HEY HEY YOU YOU I DON'T LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" bitch ass self are...
  • so I know that's Avril Lavige (sp?) because it says so on her phone (should really spend some money & get those teeth fixed btw) but who are the brother & the cowboy?
  • It's very exciting that T-Mobile will soon be launching a huge ad campaign for the myTouch 3G, one they claim to be "the largest product launch advertising campaign in T-Mobile history". Stars such as Whoopi Goldberg, Phil Jackson, and Jessie James will be featured in the ads.