T-Mobile myTouch 3G Box Art Revealed !

And the T-Mobile myTouch 3G has been leaked. Well not really. We only got pictures of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G box art (and really, it's as art-sy as it gets) but the myTouch 3G box art confirms what we've previously thought/known: the HTC Magic is going to come to T-Mobile and it's going to be re-branded the still horrendous name of myTouch 3G.

The T-Mobile myTouch 3G will be available in three colors: black, white, and merlot (red). We're especially excited to see how they pull off the 'merlot'. As for the box art, it certainly looks a lot more wild than previous T-Mobile boxes--maybe they're covering up the fact that they chose a horrible name?

hit the jump to see more pictures of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G box art!

[via engadget]

Casey Chan
  • I'm just waiting for this one to be released. Gotta have this one.
  • i just wish they gave special prices for g1 owners...i just got my g1 about 8 months ago but i want this new one just not willing to pay full price for it
  • So since this isnt a "Google phone" Will it still require me to log in or create a Gmail account before i can use it?
  • You betcha. There never was a "Google phone". Google makes the OS and the same OS on the G1 will be on the myTouch. Plus, the Gmail account is no big deal; you never have to use it again. I have both the GMail account and a Windows Live account. The good thing about using Gmail for mail and contacts is that if you need to wipe your phone or you get another one, simply log in with your credentials and in less than 5 minutes you're back in business with no syncing to your PC. Sounds to me like they changed the name to distance it from the G1 in the minds of the uninitiated.
  • This IS a Google-enabled phone... If you look closely at the Box Art you'll read "MyTouch 3G With Google" on the side. So count on needing a gmail account to activate it.
  • Anyone confirm UMA/hotspot capability? I didn't see it on the box...
  • "myTouch 3G" and pretty much T-mobile 3G network does not exist.
  • So it looks exactly like the HTC Magic here in the UK that has been released by Vodafone...although its only available in white here. Awesome phone and im sure you guys will love it....i absolutely love mine.
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