T-Mobile Has No 4G Plans, Sticking With 21Mbps 3G HSPA

Don't worry T-Mobile users, there will be a day when your 3G Network will be the best network in the country. Yep, even though your current 3G network is in its infantile stages, T-Mobile promises that their 3G network will eventually reach 21Mbps (other 3G networks are currently trapped under the 7.2Mbps limit). The one problem? Every other carrier will have moved to 4G already. Eek.

In the short-term, you really have nothing to worry about. 3G is real, 4G is not. And for the next couple of years, it'll stay that way. It's going to take time for the other carriers to roll out their 4G (LTE) network, which would assumedly play to T-Mobile's favor. But once their 4G network is finished, it'll leave T-Mobile in the same spot it finds itself today: a generation behind, scrambling to catch up.

What do you guys think? Is T-Mobile being smart by sticking with superspeed 3G or should they plan their 4G network already?


  • I really think they need to focus on getting 3G rolled out accross the country. I am still hitting EDGE and some GPRS areas when travelling. Onvce they get the speed bumped, it will be faster than any Wifi connection out now. By Wifi, I mean the underlying internet speeds seem to be around 4 to 8Mbs in most hotspots.
  • it will end up being like today. cable modem vs dsl, just at higher speeds. truthfully dsl is good enough for most people, unless you like to game or dl many things online.
    if they keep the decently lower than the competitions LTE pricing then they will have a loyal following. for any phone tech for probably at least the next 5 years their 3g++ speeds will be more than whats needed unless it cant carry enough bandwith for large amounts of devices sucking it down.
    Of course, ill be on LTE, so u can tell me about it :) in the article u state 3g is real, 4g is not. well technically, the 3g that tmo is talkin about isnt real yet. heck their 3g network is barely real. this means that they will have to redo the 3g towers that they already put up, which im assuming is going to slow them down even more.
    I have a mytouch and the phone is awesome.. i just yearn for the days on VZW where i had 3g anywhere i went without hesitation.
  • Let T-Mobile build out their 3g network, allow Sprint to layout whatever cash they have left to build out their 4G network, and then T-mobile can swoop in, buy them out, and poof, 4G network.
  • um.. Android monster... that made no sence what so ever. 1)tmobile is GSM based, sprint is CDMA based. their networks are NOT compatible (tmobile/att are GSM, VZW/sprint are CDMA). there would be no logic behind tmobile buying sprint
    2)tmobile america, is not well enough off to buy the competition. they dont have money like VZW does. And no they are not as rich as their european parent company, and can not borrow money from them.
    3) Sprint's "4g" is actually just WiMax, not LTE. WiMax isnt going to be that much faster than what sprint is proposing, and neither will be nearly as fast as LTE, which is what VZW and most of the world is going to. the only thing that really bugs me about tmobiles decision is that most of the worlds carriers are moving to LTE technologies, which means that phones will be compatible with most carriers.. exept tmobile(and sprint) which will have their own phones since they are the only ones using that tech. oh well.
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