T-Mobile To Get Rid of Upgrade Fees?

Tmonews is reporting that there are whispers that T-Mobile is going to finally get rid of the $18 upgrade fee that has irked a lot of customers whenever they upgrade to a newer handset. Obviously $18 isn't going to be a dealbreaker if you really wanted your G1 but in these tough economic conditions, every dollar counts.

"We have received feedback from you on behalf of our customers that the $18 Handset Upgrade Fee is a real customer diss atisfier. Based on your feedback, we are eliminiating the $18 Handset Upgrade Free effective immediately." 

This is another sign that T-Mobile is still the friendliest carrier around these parts. And that isn't a backhanded compliment. Well, not really.


Casey Chan
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  • Are you kidding me? The "friendliest carrier around these parts" because they FINALLY decided not to charge the customer $18 for the privilege of continuing to pay them? If that's friendly, what is Verizon who GIVES a $100 credit toward a new phone? That being said, I'll never go back to Verizon because of the way they neuter that $100 discounted phone :)