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Two new HSPA+ and LTE devices now available directly from MetroPCS stores

MetroPCS is now ready to start selling devices that run on T-Mobile's HSPA+ network, marking the beginning of customer migration to T-Mobile US, the carriers announced today with a press release. Following the announcement earlier this week that MetroPCS customers in a few select cities -- Boston, Las Vegas and Hartford -- could bring their own unlocked GSM devices, stores in those same markets will now be selling two new devices that no longer use MetroPCS' CDMA network. The devices are the LG Optimus L9 and Samsung Galaxy Exhibit, a couple of solid offerings that fit well into MetroPCS' current device lineup.

The migration of customers begins just six weeks after the newly appointed T-Mobile US brand began trading on the stock market, and is ahead of schedule according to the carrier.

Data from MetroPCS shows that a full 60-percent of its customers upgrade their device yearly, and that it expects to have its whole customer base moved to GSM handsets by the end of 2015. T-Mobile says that it has already started to combine the LTE offerings of the previously separate carriers, letting MetroPCS customers in Las Vegas connect to the T-Mobile LTE network. As customers leave the legacy CDMA network, the spectrum freed up will then be applied to T-Mobile's current LTE rollout, which has some pretty lofty goals set for itself.

In the coming months we'll see a continued push to get all customers moved off of CDMA devices completely, eventually moving customers to the T-Mobile brand as well.

Source: T-Mobile