Swype for ICS

Swype finally has been updated for all you 1 percenters -- that'd be folks running Ice Cream Sandwich. It's been a long time coming -- Ice Cream Sandwich has been available on the Galaxy Nexus since November or so, but Swype for whatever reason wasn't ready. That's changed today.

What hasn't changed is that Swype's still not available in the Android Market. If you're downloading this new version from their website, you'll technically be on a beta track. Don't worry so much about that, but do note that this is for folks whose phones do NOT come preloaded with Swype. That's kind of a moot point since we're talking about Ice Cream Sandwich devices here, but  it still needs to be made.

If you're new to Android or to Swype, it's a third-party keyboard whose claim to fame is in its ability to let you trace your finger (or thumb, we suppose) across the keyboard instead of hunting and pecking. For some, it's a time-saver. For others with physical issues, it can be an indespensible means of getting a message across. It's an acquired taste, to be sure, but the keyboard itself also is excellent, even if you're not into the tracing thing.

In addition to the ICS fix, Swype also says it's added downloadable languages for tablets, add-ons with DragonGo (remember that Swype is a Nuance product now, so you'll start seeing the Dragon name more), and there have been improvements made to accuracy as well. Get your download on at the link below:

Download: Swype Beta