Swype has updated its keyboard on Android today with a long list of new features, including a new mini-keyboard, free themes and tons of prediction and correction improvements. On the interface side you'll find a new truly floating mini keyboard that sits on top of your apps for quick input, as well as predictions-only emoji support and two Material Design themes.

On the prediction and correction front, Swype is doing a few cool things to make your typing come out as coherent and error-free as possible. New features will detect problems with spacing — aka "int he" correcting to "in the" — as well as retroactive phrase detection — fixing previous words based on the context of the sentence.

It's a good set of new features and designs, adding up to make a pretty big update overall. You can snag the latest version from the Play Store for $0.99 at the link above, or check out the free 30-day trial version right here.