Swpe adds 19 Star Trek themes, hundreds of new emojis

Swype, one of the popular third-party keyboard options on Android, has announced that it's added hundreds of new emoji, along with a bunch of new themes. Of note in those themes, is the addition of 19 Star Trek inspired choices that feature all different characters. For the emoji, Swype has added an all-new emoji keyboard which will allow you to quickly and easily browse through all of the options available.

Some of the additional features of the update include:

  • Swype has enhanced its phrase prediction capabilities so multiple words appear as a phrase choice as you input text – making it faster and easier to say or do what you want on your Android keyboard.
  • Swype also offers predictive number entry. By tapping on keys that have numbers as secondary characters, Swype will provide a number and symbol suggestion. For example, tapping "ejqp" suggests "3:10", or "swpp" suggests "$200".
  • Swype's Chinese language support is now improved by the power of the cloud. Chinese language users can enjoy cloud-based predictions that draw from more sophisticated and robust language models. Further, Chinese cloud sentence prediction leverages Swype's Living Language feature, providing popular and crowd-sourced words and phrases from around the world.
  • An updated library of new non-Star Trek themes for more personalization and customization options.

The themes are available from within the Swype Store with a price tag of anywhere from $0.99 to $1.99 each, and bundles start at $2.99. Be sure to grab the latest version of Swype from Google Play.

Source: Nuance