Swiftkey Symbols

Swiftkey's latest beta app to come from its Greenhouse initiative is an interesting tool to help non-verbal people with special needs communicate. Called Swiftkey Symbols, the app leverages Swiftkey's prediction engine to help users build sentences using hand-drawn imaged from a set of categories. Here's a breakdown of some of the app's features:

  • Symbol sentence builder and next symbol prediction
  • Audio playback
  • Add custom photos as categories or individual symbols
  • Day and time specific predictions
  • Runs on Android smartphones and tablets

The Swiftkey team says that the tool should help those with special needs, specifically those on the autistic spectrum, communicate more easily thanks to its non-verbal nature and Swiftkey's machine learning prediction. Even better, its a free tool that could take the place of other communication tools and apps that are slower due to the lack of a prediction engine.

If you're interested in checking out Swiftkey Symbols, or recommending it to someone you know, you can grab it for free on Google Play now. And for more on how Swiftkey developed the app, including working with Riverside, a special needs school in the UK, check Swiftkey's blog at the source link below.

Source: Swiftkey