Note: SwiftKey has pushed another update claiming that the sync service issue is fixed and is re-enabling number/email and @ predictions. The change log also says all previously learned predictions from those types have been deleted and can be relearned.

SwiftKey had an issue arise in July with some users getting the predictions of other people, including names and email addresses. Today, SwiftKey has pushed out an update claiming the "sync service is fixed."

It's not completely fixed, but it might be getting better

SwiftKey disabled a number of syncing and prediction features in late July while they worked to fix the issue. While some features appear to be working again with the most recent update, it appears some learning features still throw errors. Email and number predictions have been turned back on, so you can start repopulating those portions of your predictions library.

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The fixes may be in, but we're not back to normal just yet. If you account was affected, are you seeing any predictions from your old library? Are you still seeing any extra languages? Tell us in the comments below!