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SwiftKey is somewhat of a favorite around these parts, and already this week we've been treated to an update filled with new features and themes. Today though, for their VIP Forum's members anyway, comes the opportunity to help the developers in their work by downloading the SwiftKey 3 Analytics app. In essence, this is the same great SwiftKey 3 keyboard but that submits anonymous mathematical data to the developers. 

The data collected will indicate how a user interacts with the keyboard and its predictions and analyze typing habits. SwiftKey isn't any old two-bit developer either, so when they say this is all anonymous and mathematical, and that no text entered is transmitted, we're pretty much inclined to believe them. The service is time limited until Sep 25, and entirely voluntary. 5 lucky VIP's who take part will also win themselves some swag. And we all love swag, don't we? If you want to take part and help SwiftKey shape the future of their app, head on over to the VIP forums and grab it now and read up some more.

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