swiftkey halloween

Android fans of the SwiftKey virtual keyboard can get into the "spirit" of the Halloween season with two new themes that are currently on sale in the in-app SwiftKey Store.

The two themes are "Jack-O-Lantern", which has a pumpkin art style, and "Graveyard" which turns the keyboard into a final resting place, complete with ghosts when you type into the headstones. Each new theme is priced at 99 cents in the SwiftKey Store.

Just in case you are new to buying themes for SwiftKey, here's a quick breakdown of how to access its store:

  • Press and hold the Settings key in the bottom lefthand corner
  • Choose 'Themes' on the popup screen
  • Choose 'Get new themes' at the top of the screen

Will you be buying these new SwiftKey themes for your Android device?

Source: SwiftKey