SwiftKey for Android updates with Carbon theme and more

The SwiftKey virtual keyboard is a popular choice for Android smartphones, and today it's rolling out a big update in the Google Play Store with a number of new features and additions, including a new default theme and a revamped settings section. Carbon is replacing Nickel as the default theme for SwiftKey Android users with this update. The company says:

Carbon's base color is inspired by the element Carbon. The theme features solid key backgrounds that seamlessly blend into the keyboard, a contrasting key font for readability, improved visibility of secondary characters, and a gentle teal color pop.

SwiftKey Hub

The SwiftKey Hub, which has previously been part of the Android beta version, is now available for all Android users. Here's what users can expect:

The Hub is located in a new, more convenient location to make sure all of SwiftKey's most popular settings and content (and those coming in the future) are as easy to find and use as possible. It also comes with a sleek, modern look we hope you'll really like.

The Personalize section will include SwiftKey Cloud, interesting stats about how you type, access to SwiftKey Support and social sharing options. The SwiftKey Store will now let you browse and preview themes in an easier, more intuitive way, and change your theme without ever leaving the app you're in. The Settings menu is now easier to navigate with updated visuals for each feature.

In addition, the SwiftKey update brings new adaptive keyboard layouts for the Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi and Nepali languages. Finally, it offers users the option to securely predict when they will need their passwords and make them available quickly, as part of SwiftKey's partnership with the Dashlane password manager company.

Source: SwiftKey