Moto G 2015 shells

If you're one of the many people picking up a Moto G 2015, chances are you'll want to switch up your phone's aesthetics with a replacement shell at some point. There are ten colors available, and Moto Maker lets you pick a color when you buy your phone. But if you're swapping shells from time to time, you'll want to make sure everything's securely in place.

Moto G 2015

The third-gen Moto G's water resistance is secured through two sealed, rubberized areas on the inside of the shell. It's these which protect the phone's innards from water damage — unlike some other waterproof phones, which run seals around the perimeter of the shell.

For that reason, it's important to make sure your back panel is securely snapped in place when you're swapping shells. The Moto G tells you this in a notification when you first boot up, but it's easy to forget or overlook this simple step. The main area you're likely to run into issues with is the area near the central metallic strip. If the shell isn't snapped down securely, it'll look like the first photo below — raised above the level of the metallic strip. If it's level and mostly flush with the strip, you're good to go.


Above: Bad; Below: Good!


Of course you'll also want to check around the outer edges of the shell, too.

An improperly-sealed back panel means your phone isn't fully water-resistant, and so prone to water damage if you're using it in the rain or around the pool. So it's worth remembering to double-check this when swapping shells if you want to avoid any nasty surprises.

Using custom shells on your 2015 Moto G? Shout out in the comments and let us know how you're getting on!