Surface Duo unveiled: A folding Surface phone that runs Android

What you need to know

  • Microsoft unveiled a folding Surface phone that runs Android at the October Surface event.
  • The device looks similar to the Surface Pro X but with a smaller form factor.
  • The two screens can run apps side by side to improve productivity.

The Surface Duo surprised everyone at the October Surface event. Despite potentially the most leaks leading up to any Surface event ever, viewers and reporters were caught off guard by a folding Surface phone that runs Android apps. It combines the hardware design of the Surface team with the Google Play Store and all the apps that come with it.

The Surface Duo features two 5.6" displays joined by a 360-degree hinge.

As pointed out by Panos Panay, the phone runs "every single app" in the Android ecoystem. Panay highlighted that this phone is pushing the ecosystem forward.

The device will be available in the holiday season of 2020.

Sean Endicott
  • This will be my next phone hands down!
  • Long wait, until Holidays 2020? Might as well be the fifth of never! But it's an interesting concept. I continue to think about the Foldable form factors as being used primarily as a tablet that folds, rather than a dual-screen. Even at Neo scale, those are two small screens to split.
  • It looks very wide and ungainly.
  • Is it 1 folding screen? Or 2 screens that clamshell together? Like the LG second screen thing?
  • 2 screens. The screens themselves are flat.
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