Street Fighter V gets Poison, Lucia and E. Honda in a new update

What you need to know

  • Capcom has been updating Street Fighter V since launch, even giving an overhaul with the Arcade edition.
  • Capcom announced today that three more characters are coming to Street Fighter V: Poison, Lucia and E. Honda.
  • The three will be available on August 4, with a bundle available for purchase on August 5.
  • Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is currently $34 on Amazon.

While Street Fighter V first released for PlayStation 4 and PC back in 2016, Capcom has done a great of overhauling and balancing the different systems, while adding new characters and costumes for players to enjoy. In 2018, Capcom relaunched it with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, fixing issues that players had complained about.

Capcom is still supporting the game, as three more characters are joining: Street Fighter V is getting Poison, Lucia and E. Honda in just a few days! You can check out the announcement trailer for the three below, showing off their different moves in action:

The whip-wielding Poison first showed up in the spinoff title Final Fight. Police fighter Lucia was similarly introduced in Final Fight 3, while E. Honda made his debut in Street Fighter II. Each character will be available separately starting on August 4. If you want to grab all three characters together, a bundle will be available on August 5. This bundle will include bonus costumes for each of the three.

Samuel Tolbert

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