Netflix updates the account transfer tool, making it a little more flexible

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What you need to know

  • Netflix updates its account transfer tool to let users take data from a shared account over to an "existing" account.
  • Users must enter the email and password associated with the pre-existing account before transferring data.
  • Netflix rolled out account transfers back in October as a way of cracking down on password-sharing.

Netflix updates its account transfer tool, making it a little easier to survive the password-sharing crackdown. 

In an updated blog post, Netflix states that the account transfer tool will now let users transfer their profile information from their shared account to a pre-existing one. Previously, the tool only allowed users to take data from a shared account and place it into a new account — which didn't sit well with many.

As explained through a support page, users can transfer their data to an already existing account by heading into the Account page > Profiles and Parental controls > Transfer. Users will be prompted to begin the account transfer and to select the "existing account" option. After entering the email and password for that existing account, users can "confirm" and everything should be ported over.

The items users can take are their profile name and icon, recommendations, viewing history, My List titles, games, settings, and other such items.

Netflix explains how users can enable account transfers.

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These transferrable items are nothing new as Netflix ushered in account transfers last year in October. However, the idea of transferring your data was done due to Netflix's thought that sharing dampened its "ability to invest in great new TV and films."

Since then, Netflix rolled out its very controversial password-sharing crackdown in the U.S. and other countries. The service gave tight-knit friend groups and families a choice: pay the additional charge or give it up entirely. To host an "extra" person, someone not in your household, the company has started charging users $7.99 on top of their pre-existing subscription since May.

This was perhaps the aftermath of Netflix's subscriber loss early on in 2022. After dropping around 200,000 subscribers, the company turned around and launched its cheap, ad-supported tier for users for $7 in an attempt to lure users back.

Unfortunately, these changes are a little odd considering streaming services, such as the newly launched Max, offer similar pricing to Netflix and without the additional cost for our loved ones.

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