Netflix is losing its appeal as many of our readers plan to leave or have already left

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What you need to know

  • We asked our readers if they plan to leave Netflix or if they'll stick around.
  • Nearly half of those who responded indicated that they would likely leave, while roughly 20% said they had already left.
  • More than 25% say they will continue to use the platform.

Netflix has started to feel the pressure of rival streaming platforms which often offer comparable or lower prices and plenty of great content. Its most recent earnings report shows that users are losing interest and jumping ship amid recent price hikes and the potential for the company to charge for sharing passwords with others. The company is mulling over the idea of a cheaper ad-supported tier, which could improve its streaming woes. Still, until then, the streaming platform expects additional subscriber losses this quarter.

With all this in mind, we asked our readers if they plan to stay with Netflix or if they plan on leaving the platform. Nearly half said they were likely to leave, while roughly 20% said they already left. About 25% say they plan to stick around, while 5% say it doesn't really matter because T-Mobile pays for the service anyways.

Are you going to leave Netflix? Poll responses.

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One reader, B R@d, comments on Twitter, saying that while they're not sure if they'll stick around, they're not surprised that the platform has begun to suffer following recent price hikes.

"I don't know if I'm going to be leaving them or not. But I do think it's ridiculous. They already charge enough. This is just about money. Hungry. Corporations being even more money hungry. It's ridiculous."

Another reader, Carl Wheeler, comments on Facebook about Netflix potentially charging to share passwords with users outside your household. They say that if Insurance companies can cover children not living at home, Netflix can do the same without charging more to have them use the service.

"Netflix is going to "policy adjust" themselves out of existence in an attempt to maximize their dollar. Be content! There are far too many alternatives..."

Jason A. Kirschner says Netflix should consider switching its model from dropping entire seasons at once to releasing weekly episodes like other platforms.

"I actually find it more compelling when the others dole out an episode or two a week. This seems to keep my interest until the next thing they put out. It also reminds me of the way TV used to be in terms of one episode a week except if I miss an episode I can just fire it up at any time convenient."

Many readers agree that there are plenty of alternatives on the best streaming devices that have made Netflix much less desirable, especially as the platform continues to introduce and quickly cancel shows, even relatively popular ones. It remains to be seen if the company will figure it out, or if an ad-supported tier will actually help, but given its bleak Q2 outlook where it could lose as many as 2 million subscribers, the days of Netflix's reign over other streaming platforms could soon end otherwise.

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