SteelSeries introduces Stratus+ Android gaming controller

SteelSeries Stratus+ hero image
(Image credit: SteelSeries)
  • SteelSeries announced the Stratus+ controller on Tuesday.
  • This controller features Bluetooth LE support, as well as improved thumbsticks, triggers and a 90-hour battery life. 
  • The SteelSeries Stratus+ is currently available for $60.

A new Android gaming controller is on the way, with SteelSeries introducing the Stratus+ controller on Tuesday. The controller is available now, though it may take a while for it to show up across various retailers.

The SteelSeries Stratus+ is billed as the ultimate "full console experience" while playing on a mobile device. As the successor to the Stratus Duo, the Stratus+ features a variety of improvements, such as an included phone mount that's designed to adjust and fit any Android phone. The SteelSeries Stratus+ also features Bluetooth LE support, meaning it works with Chromebooks and mobile Android devices alike.

If the inability to last a long time is a problem impeding your performance, the Stratus+ has you covered there as well. SteelSeries claims that the internal lithium-ion battery lasts for 90 hours, while also claiming that it'll play for 12 hours on a 15-minute charge. 

Not all of the best Android games support controllers (looking at you, Genshin Impact) but for those that do, the Stratus+ features ALPS analog thumbsticks, with greater precision than prior SteelSeries Android gaming controllers. These thumbsticks also feature clickable L3/R3 buttons for extra input options. The triggers have also been redesigned, now using magnetic sensors for a smoother overall experience. 

Last but not least, the Stratus+ is certified to work with GeForce NOW, NVIDIA's streaming service. GeForce NOW has a variety of tiers, with the highest tiers allowing players to enjoy high-end PC gaming on the go. Instead of pulling from a library of games, GeForce NOW allows users to play the games they already own, without having to buy expensive hardware to natively run the games.

The Stratus+ is currently available directly from SteelSeries for $59.99. Depending on how it holds up after long periods of use, the SteelSeries Stratus+ might even join the ranks of the best Android gaming controllers currently available.  

Samuel Tolbert

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