Healthy lifestyles are important to many people, and with hectic lives, and always being on the go it can be difficult to maintain without proper tools. The folks at 24 Hour Fitness have launched an application, My24, which allows users to keep track of all their fitness needs on the go. While the application was developed for the members of their club, it is also available to the general public without any log in information required.

Users will be able to have quick access at their fingertips to the club finder, club details and class schedules with the click of a button, in addition to an extensive video library that will help them understand how to use the machines and maximize their workouts. Additionally users will be able to track their Body Mass Index, calories burned during workouts and a daily calorie calculator so it is easy to tell if your consumption is in a healthy range. Applications promoting personal fitness and ways to assist have become rather popular, and there are several options, but if you are looking for something with extra functionality, and a clean interface be sure to give My24 a shot. Download information after the break. [via BusinessWire]